12 Photos - Jul 10, 2013
Photo: Remember when I told you that I was a member of Collective Bias®? This is another sponsored album that I am so happy to be a part of! I'm so excited to share it with you. Before you get worried, remember that all the opinions are my own! I thought this sign on the door was so cute and welcoming.Photo: The Shop Your Way app on my phone :) I was surprised at all it's capabilities.Photo: Photo: I loved the this is color campaign. It felt really summery and fun. The look of the campaign posters constantly caught my eye.Photo: I really liked the patterns on the pants and the shirt. I tried on the polka dot pants but the ended up being not the best fit for what I needed on this trip.Photo: This is color again! I love the flip-flops in the shape of the flower. It embodies that summer spirit.Photo: This was in the Land's End section. I just thought this sign captured the look of summer. I love Land's Ends classic pieces. I like her outfit a lot as well.Photo: This outfit is comprised completely of what I bought from Sears. It turned out really well!Photo: I just added a scarf and changed into shorts for a new look. I was happy to see I could do a lot with my pieces.Photo: I put on a warm scarf and jeans. Voila! A wintery outfit for the colder parts of the day. Easy peasy.Photo: I didn't know if I'd have any formal/professional occasions on my trip. I decided to pack this skirt and pair it with my Sears Style pieces so I'd be prepared just in case.Photo: I mad a graphic with all three outfits to show how versatile my looks were.  I really like how long the camisole is. The oversized cardigan is really versatile as well. It goes from cozy to professional in a cinch. I've been breaking in my shoes and I'm surprised by how comfortable they are. Even for long walks. Definitely a great travel choice.