12 Photos - Jun 13, 2013
Photo: This shopping trip and post were sponsored by Collective BiasĀ®. All photos and opinions are my own. Enjoy! Mariano's was tucked away right across from Millenium Park. I felt like I was in a different world.Photo: All my goodies! It felt like a feast of mostly healthy food. We had such fun choosing all the items.Photo: Even the outside is gorgeous. #MyMariano's It's such a clean, warm look that I felt was reflected in the whole store.Photo: Such colorful food. I'm not accustomed to buying peppers on my own and the grocer helped me know which ones were fresh. These weren't the freshest bunch but the mini peppers I bought were good.Photo: I'd heard of skinny pop but never tried it. It was so delicious and a surprising amount of popcorn for 100 calories.Photo: Tea for days! Can I just say I love how much tea they had?Photo: The workers were always good at leading me in the right direction because I'm hopePhoto: The fudge was delicious. The grocer hand cut us a slice. We had oreo fudge and it was amazing!Photo: What a pretty view from the Mariano's patio. It felt like we were so far away from the rest of the world yet surrounded by the city we love!Photo: These tomatoes are perfect for snacking on in the car. My family also loves to keep them on the counter.Photo: Taking my tea on the go before church!Photo: The peppers are my new favorite work snack!