33 Photos - Feb 19, 2013
Photo: Sphinx - takes me back to when I was just a little kid...
Keystone #9781Photo: And it is a Great PyramidPhoto: 3D doesn't work as well on these as with subjects in the close foreground. Still interesting?Photo: From early Litho color process. Descreened.Photo: Photo: Columbian Exposition Crowd,  1895 photo.
So far this is one of my favorites for interest and depth.Photo: The Temple of the Sun, Baalbek, SyriaPhoto: Brooklyn Bridge opened 1883Photo: Child's PrayerPhoto: The Culebra Cut, formerly called Gaillard Cut, is an artificial valley that cuts through the continental divide in Panama. 1906Photo: Undated Chicago "block fire" Winter. Looks like a one of a kind card.Photo: Fur parlor, Quebec Canada 1899Photo: Golden Temple - The color Litho cards don't view well, no more of these in the future collection.Photo: Herring Fishing BoatsPhoto: Sage Karam - Star Mazda ChampionshipPhoto: Yosemite Sierra mountains.Photo: Sphinx and Great Pyramid GizehPhoto: Sphinx, EgyptPhoto: Stand Rock, Wisconsin Dells. Before OSHA. :-)Photo: Wash Day and the modern woman.Photo: Washington DC from the air. circa 1900Photo: Welcome to your new home. Hasn't been plowed or shoveled since 2012Photo: Vatican LibraryPhoto: Trafalgar Square - StrandPhoto: Bridge of SighsPhoto: Monet Carlo CasinoPhoto: Taj MahalPhoto: Sterling CastlePhoto: Thames River at NightPhoto: Champs ElyssisPhoto: Capitol Washington DCPhoto: The Bicycle ThiefPhoto: inundation of the Nile