16 Photos - Jan 14, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: No really, I just had to have it. When was the last time you saw a giant Lava Lamp like this?Photo: May not be interesting to you, but the closest LJS is 25 miles away. Cajun sauce and malt vinegar.Photo: St. Vincent in Port Washington has a new addition that opened today. I couldn't leave without buying something (could I?) so I picked up this cute 5 3/4" fork for the olive jar.Photo: Family Sharing Grafton - newest Lava Lamp for the collection.Photo: Globe Lamp... I left it there two days and it wasn't gone, so I figured it needed a home? $3.99
Table lamp, white
$19.99 Mouth blown glass; each lamp is unique.Photo: $9.49 date on shipper says 1998. BUT I have two almost new toner cartridges from the laser fax, which was struck by a voltage spike in a lightning storm. I needed something to use those full cartridges. Now I can print manuals, price lists and reams of paper, for nothing but the cost of the paper. :)Photo: This is a TwoFer - The talking Austin Powers stand-up and the red Austin Powers jacket with pseudo ruffled tux shirt. (still looking for the right glasses)Photo: What is it? A golfer will know...Photo: Now collecting Electronic remote Temp. sensors.Photo: Lazy Susan 19 inches in diameter. perfect for parties.Photo: Rowe pottery mug. Must have! :)Photo: Picked these up in Harrison Arkansas, UP Orange and suede safety Mittens.Photo: Stereoscope added to the collection.Photo: And yes this is perfectly "You bought WHAT?" Holy Cross, WI 1.5 acres. Needs work. Closed Feb. 28th, 2013