27 Photos - Feb 6, 2012
Photo: I knew there was a desk under there!Photo: View from Mount Hosmer, Iowa - Mississippi RiverPhoto: Marge, topper and the Little Guy. Ready for action! (more like - ready for parking and camping?)Photo: Here's a disclaimer that made me wonder are they responsible for intentional acts?Photo: Tristan Vautier Winner - Milwaukee 2012 #77Photo: Suspension broke, corner 14 Road AmericaPhoto: Jack Hawksworth #82 - Iowa Speedway 2012 - Star Mazda SeriesPhoto: Can-Am Qualifying Race Start - Road America HAWK with Brian Redman. Historic Can-Am presented by Victory Lane.Photo: They don't normally off road with this kind of car...Photo: Champcar Turn Three excursionPhoto: Dan Clarke - turn 2 Road AmericaPhoto: Ron White - that was exciting! Set up loose for more speed in the straights and by the way, won the race.Photo: Star Mazda - I think this is corner 6 (anyone recognize that stain?) :-)Photo: Corner 14 has it's share of trap surfing.Photo: Flying Lizard = Surfing Lizard @ corner 14Photo: SVRA Road America 2009 corner one - Pole position going in, last place coming out. First Lap, start of the race.Photo: Vintage Racing Road America Kohler International ChallengePhoto: GT3 Cup Porsche leaps off the ground over hump in roadway, where the two race courses connect at Autobahn, Grand Prix, near Joliet IL.Photo: Exhaust raw fuel burn off on decelleration into a corner. CorvettePhoto: 66 blows his motor and the hood - Milwaukee MilePhoto: SCCA National Runoffs - EP class:
Mark Brakke	Coon Rapids, MNPhoto: This is a three part story - first three wide through the exit of the corner...Photo: Then three spinning and bumping...Photo: And then three GT3 cars, resting. That wall was straight seconds ago.
Really good YouTube video of both IMSA GT3 races:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPodwS3AOPAPhoto: Odd that 2012 should start with 2008? But I was trying to avoid cars and food for the 2011 "Irrelevant Collection" (didn't do that but I tried?)Photo: This one isn't any flying or parts, it's just the beauty of a field of vintage Can-Am Lola T70sPhoto: Can-Am Shadow (that says it all) The car looks like it's flying, even when it's on the ground.