366 Photos - Feb 21, 2011
Photo: The 2011 collection starts somewhere? Images are reduced for the gallery.Photo: After the floodPhoto: Still have this onePhoto: Kodak Retina II - early Road America photosPhoto: Photo: First SLR Canon FT-QL 1966Photo: Last Film Camera - AE-1Photo: Old 35mm film from the late 60sPhoto: Before Digital Photo Storage and this is only part of them.Photo: Sony Mavica 7 recorded to floppy discs, 640x480 images. I was impressed.Photo: $29 digital camera, neat toy for the glove box. Eats batteries, but it was fun.Photo: 3MP digital Kodak 2350, pretty nice along with the docking station.Photo: HP 945 big 6MP camera. Flaky bios, this one worked fine but some had strange stripes and random purple screen problems.Photo: Tired of P&S, bought a DSLR, best investment because no more guessing, it's for real. I wish I hadn't sold it. 6MP would still be a very nice high quality camera for any situation.Photo: Funny thing, I still like it and still have it on a desk at work. Nice little pocket cameraPhoto: Bought 20-D used for the remote "camera in a box" nice backup.Photo: Canon 40-D 10MP more than enough for any situation. Pixel wars are over.Photo: 400mm f/2.8 Too BigPhoto: It was nice, just way too expensive and big to carry around.Photo: Very enjoyable - too big for my pocket - sold eBayPhoto: Nice P&S that I enjoyed carrying in my pocket.Photo: Very nice P&S with bigger sensor, good lens. Perfect pocket camera.Photo: Photo: Photo: Favorite camera bag repaired 2010Photo: Special turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy.Photo: I just liked the way the eggplant and Chinese basil looked in this dish.Photo: Artichoke salad with olive oil and seasoning saltPhoto: Makes a bag salad into a real saladPhoto: Old wall advertising MilwaukeePhoto: William's Calliope in Christmas Parade
Video with sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9JNRHlkSP0Photo: Fall Leaves WisconsinPhoto: Fall Woods 2011 MorningPhoto: Williamson Bros. BBQ Marietta - Love that food!Photo: Basket Sales - IndianaPhoto: Big Chicken as we don't normally view it - Marietta GAPhoto: Malacosoma disstria Forest Tent Caterpillar tall grassPhoto: You Lookin at Me?Photo: Mid-April Interstate 65 bright treesPhoto: Wind Farm Sunset I-65Photo: The Invisible Billy Mitchel Bridge - Road AmericaPhoto: Lake Kiehnau during the storm
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJX5lmad-n4Photo: Lake Kiehnau after the storm
Related Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJX5lmad-n4Photo: Golden Gate Bridge - Mavica- 1998Photo: Riverfront Trolly New OrleansPhoto: Before it had a namePhoto: Lift railroad bridge - Illinois River - Ottawa ILPhoto: Welcome to Indiana, or better put, leaving Louisville = end of traffic and congestion.Photo: What else can I say?Photo: Big old bass drum (Thanks Mike!)  it needs some helpPhoto: Old Ludwig floor tom with a pretty design - still has the original skin heads.Photo: Buckley Park - waves on the rocksPhoto: Odd clouds that I saw November 2010 - Mountain Home ARPhoto: Bull Shoals hydro dam, from a distance (snapshot for reminder to re-shoot)Photo: The Snap-Off Bridge, they stopped sponsoring it.Photo: Fantastic local company, beautiful artwork. Johnsonville SausagePhoto: Found this on one of my, ride in the country, explorations.Photo: Beside pretty, and a horse hitch in front, why a door to nowhere on the second floor?Photo: Don't ask me, I just like it. Nothing but rain on the windshield. Sometimes things just, are what the are?Photo: Officially a Poodle Cloud formationPhoto: She's just so Innocent?
Don't believe it!Photo: Erlenmeyer flask glowing liquid idea.Photo: Garden Spider - Mavica 7Photo: When the fountain art at WSU-Whitewater was constructed c1970Photo: Old Main WSU-Whitewater WisconsinPhoto: Snow Man 1974Photo: Local Hero was filmed on this beach near Airsig Scotland - North of Arisaig walked in at sign that said "Elephant Eggs" 1988, South of the golf course on B8008Photo: Sailboat time exposure 3AMPhoto: Saint Theresa of the RosePhoto: Cold Pizza = BreakfastPhoto: Flash Tube I've been searching for more for years.Photo: Meat Grinder - one at every shop and rummage sale. WHY?Photo: Why I enjoy Estate Sales = Pawn Ivory?Photo: Cowboy that came all the way from Italy. Thanks Dan!Photo: Unidentified flower vase -40s or 50s? Marked P-133 on bottomPhoto: Just what it says - Flippin JailPhoto: Ultraviolet markings on casino chipsPhoto: Rainbow Casino, Chipco chips.
ObsoletePhoto: Casino Dice collectionPhoto: Crap table actionPhoto: Downtown Gays Mills Wisconsin, June 2010, note the building with the red roof on the right.Photo: Downtown Gays Mills Wisconsin, June 2010 Red roof building is upper right 3rd of the photo.Photo: Mississippi River Barge - They Are Huge!Photo: Sandy beach with rocks overlooking expansive lakePhoto: Misty morning on Little CedarPhoto: River Reflection FallPhoto: Windy LighthousePhoto: Cool lakefront scene with snow clinging to trees, clouds, and waves breaking.Photo: Effigy Mound National Monument - Hazy day, but I climbed all the way up there!Photo: Stations of the cross on hillside.Photo: Possibly Mack AC truck developed for WW I produced until 1936, Uncle Ed driving.Photo: Tall Ship - Inside breakwater Milwaukee Wisconsin 2010Photo: Photo: Photo: Red Car Stamp - not an original but pretty? http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-12978080-historical-antique-auto-postage-stamp-liberian.phpPhoto: Leaning Tower of Pizza - gone now.Photo: Another from the West Chicago trip - Classic old signPhoto: two moths in cloverPhoto: Have you ever been to Yellville Arkansas? Good food at this little place, Razorback RibsPhoto: Cleaning the desk - Bent CentsPhoto: This is the crap table the way you should see it. All other bets, do not exist!Photo: New Grandstand at the race track. Guess which one. There's a hint in the photo.Photo: UP track machine parked in the park.Photo: Very Much the Highlands - Mid Clyth, CaithnessPhoto: Dancing Santa with Packers FurbyPhoto: New Drink Sensation - The "Carbon Arc" (actually a lighting test shot, but it tasted fine)Photo: centered lime floating in beverage glassPhoto: Bulleting Board at the old house, accumulated photos and things for 25 years.Photo: Small Zane Duck dishPhoto: Remember when fish were really big? Walleye 1950sPhoto: 1971 You're in the Army GI PetePhoto: That Colonel, what a sense of humor...Photo: Echo Bowl is now a Walgreen's - We miss it!Photo: Old Office - Flint Rd.Photo: Computer Desk #2 - 2008Photo: This was really cool for almost a week. 286 mother boards for home computer building.Photo: The matching car and tent set - 2004Photo: Why I'm always hungry working here?Photo: Blowing bubbles 4th of JulyPhoto: Neon Man arms upPhoto: Night with red LED flashlight time exposurePhoto: YFDS Art ChampcarPhoto: ALMS Corner Worker meeting 2004
Road America, WisconsinPhoto: Short lived series of Strana truck racing. They sure were fun.Photo: This isn't a car picture! It's the old barn with scoreboard, old main gate and old T&S building on corner 14, none of them exist anymore.Photo: Moving the Shed?Photo: New Hawk Bridge signage goes up June 2011Photo: The Vandura camping off the groundPhoto: Corner or Green Tree and Port Rd - October 2010 (was Peking Palace)Photo: Green Tree and Port Rd - New Construction March 2011Photo: End of March 2011 - Walls going up, roof is on.Photo: PNC Green Tree Rd - April 2011Photo: PNC Bank May 2011Photo: Looks Like the PNC collection is done?Photo: Rubber Wall and Van AMA 2011Photo: I work this station for motorcyclesPhoto: One the way home from Iowa - Look Who!Photo: Dragonfly (just in case) while I was walking through the poison ivy patch coming down the hill from corner two at Road America.Photo: This photo cost me a couple hundred in "savings" Map books, Wisconsin history, and a Limited Edition "Band on the Run" CD with book. Some of the oldies are still good.Photo: Some signs are just interesting?Photo: Birthday 2011Photo: blank postage stamp framed in scrolls with ornate designPhoto: Yup that's the whitewall side down there...Photo: Bug "On The Road"Photo: View from Mom's 714 apartment. That's Kennesaw mountain.Photo: Kresswood OaksPhoto: Media center at Barber Motorsports Park, Montgomery AL. SweetPhoto: How hot was it?Photo: Evening Ore Train Headed SouthPhoto: Milwaukee Skyline 2010 Calatrava and Art Center taken from Discovery World at Pier WisconsinPhoto: Meramec Caverns 2011Photo: DTV Over the air DVR and it works GREAT!Photo: MIDI Keyboard bridges computers to save space.
MIDI ReadeR Plays it
http://youtu.be/HGOBGjMR9psPhoto: WiFi Finder - Net-StumblingPhoto: Welcome To MilwaukeePhoto: Zambone's at The Radisson, Winter pipes freezing.Photo: Inside the truck Hooters Cup - I was working the standings hat.Photo: At least I know when I was there last?Photo: Christmas in Reno from our room at Atlantis CasinoPhoto: Lake Tahoe Christmas 2003Photo: Antique Slot - Silver CityPhoto: Before I turned off that dumb date feature, forever!Photo: Downtown Reno at nightPhoto: ATlantis Casino floor from walkway.Photo: That's not blurred, I'm shivering?
Last trip to Elko 2001Photo: Road America 1957 - Corner 14 areaPhoto: Corner 12 Road America 1963 June SprintsPhoto: Race Cars and Fall ColorsPhoto: Back before I owned a good digital camera. 
Brian Redman and David Hobbs.Photo: Sign says it all. SiebkensPhoto: Nice old railroad station - Elkhart Lake WIPhoto: Sunrise carousel campground - Speedville BridgePhoto: Out of season racing. April at Road America with Chumpcar.Photo: Less and less of these every year. Becoming a lost bit of history.Photo: Only if you are interested in Archaeology. 
Stones and debris on pedestals after Spring rain.Photo: Oil or Acrylic - Indiana U. student. 1960s
Sedwick?Photo: Storage trailer after the move.Photo: Security Photo from Arkansas, the girl is stealing a bottle of vodka... you figure it out from there.Photo: Just what it is, seagull Big Bay Beach jetty (actually, watermark test)Photo: Bull Shoals Arkansas, power plantPhoto: Other side of Bull Shoals Dam - From Fairview, ARPhoto: Cahokia Mounds, is in Collinsville NOT Cahokia, IL. Just in case you want to visit...Photo: Karitosis - gone now, Freeze Away.Photo: No Alternator? Simple, some jumper cables and old batteries. Made it 60 miles home.Photo: Thanks Donald! Everyone needs a butt phone.Photo: Gun Club at SunrisePhoto: Windsor Castle GuardPhoto: Skara Brae - OrkneyPhoto: Druid Circle InvernessPhoto: I-65 Wind Power at SunsetPhoto: Fans standing behind a catch fence at race track as orange Sun sets behind them.Photo: Elgin Cathedral MorayPhoto: Church high on a hill with multiple steeples bright orange and golden Fall color woods.Photo: Blank gravestone headstone backed by bushes and flowersPhoto: Iowa LightningPhoto: Red-Tailed Hawk glides over waterPhoto: Starfish on a tan sand backgroundPhoto: Expensive prescription drugs bring rising costs to consumersPhoto: $5 PartyPhoto: Paris, France - Circa 1504: Monalisa: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Currently owned by the Government of France and on display at Musée du Louvre. This image is from a glass plate photo taken in 1912.Photo: Big Red Push PinPhoto: YESPhoto: Peaceful Wooded PathPhoto: House in seculded woods on hill covered with snowPhoto: Video Camera watching from abovePhoto: Side of hemi engine with distributor and three carburetorsPhoto: Table for twoPhoto: View up a natural stone stairway in the woodsPhoto: Strawberry shortcake on small black platePhoto: Oatmeal RaisinPhoto: Close Up of Chain Link FencePhoto: Mailbox in snow with iciclePhoto: Italian Sausage on Charcoal vertical grilling  standPhoto: Large Grill on wheels with HamburgersPhoto: Grilling chicken and Hamburgers on large outdoor bar-b-cuePhoto: Baked Cod dinner with lomon broccoli and baked potatoPhoto: White plate of assorted sushi on dark backgroundPhoto: North American Grey Squirrel looking at camera from side of treePhoto: Grass Hopper Looking at ReflectionPhoto: Photo: Dare to be differentPhoto: Mom duck and the gagglePhoto: America Flag against clouded skyPhoto: Lone Fall Color Leaves on Tree against clear blue skyPhoto: Burned Out BarnPhoto: Air view of factory with smoke stacksPhoto: seed and feed warehouse by railroad tracksPhoto: Stark white factory buildingPhoto: Silos with corn crips farm fieldPhoto: Old building with old radiosPhoto: rural railroad crossing extended viewPhoto: Curved Country Railroad TracksPhoto: Funny what you can find when you go around a corner?Photo: Another caboose? Stanton MOPhoto: Airport Control Tower against partly cloudy skyPhoto: Busy street exiting airport parking lotPhoto: Airplane being loaded with passenger luggagePhoto: Commercial jet taking off three positionsPhoto: airplane silhouette into cloudsPhoto: Airtran Leaving MilwaukeePhoto: Jet FlyoverPhoto: Christmas Wreath on natural wood doorway with strings of lightsPhoto: Wild thistles reaching for the skyPhoto: colorful Green and white carnation closeup flowerPhoto: Single pink rose isolated on white backgroundPhoto: Nickels and DimesPhoto: Gumballs in glass globePhoto: Translucent red dice on green backgroundPhoto: BlackhackPhoto: I collect old casino chipsPhoto: UV Markings Casino ChipsPhoto: Help? Where is this casino chip from? Anyone know?Photo: Photo: Photo: Old worn brass key isolated on whitePhoto: Old key for inside door lock with rusted surfacePhoto: Inlaid black chopsticksPhoto: Was a door stop, now it's mine... wonder who it is?Photo: Bad Guys with LootPhoto: Brooklyn BridgePhoto: Niagara Falls Power StationPhoto: Niagara Falls from Goat IslandPhoto: Niagara FallsPhoto: Turn of the century gentlemenPhoto: WW I Soldier in uniformPhoto: People on ice, Niagara Falls, New York.Photo: Bedtime PrayerPhoto: Housework is never finishedPhoto: Castaways Miami Beach FL 1960sPhoto: Mom at the CastawaysPhoto: Dad at the CastawaysPhoto: Backyard HalloweenPhoto: Backyard HalloweenPhoto: Backyard HalloweenPhoto: Backyard HalloweenPhoto: Pete and Barb at a carnivalPhoto: Barb and Pete in a pile of dirt? :-)Photo: These slides are not getting any better with age...Photo: Cool PopPhoto: Hey, the camera is the other way!Photo: Mr. Musto the DogPhoto: Reno Christmas 2003 - Lake TahoePhoto: Hippo cell from commercial animationPhoto: Red Organ 20 - Built by BillPhoto: Panama Canal Early airmailPhoto: Barney became the 40-DPhoto: Shield Bug looking for better reception?Photo: BW3 football jersey = Yeah Baby!Photo: Campground after extended stayPhoto: Christmas 2010 West ChicagoPhoto: Obvious... FireworksPhoto: It's the Flippin PolicePhoto: Kate Upside down on Green Tree Rd.Photo: Rest Area entering GA - Wow, have a nice visit?Photo: Almost The Last TimePhoto: Gypsy Moth LarvaePhoto: Friendliest hawk at the track 2011Photo:                                Photo: Heart Monitor - note the white out?Photo: Green dots open WiFi - Red = securedPhoto: ALMS before the start - Fan WalkPhoto: Road Trip, gas stop and this is lunch.Photo: Working scoreboard at the track.Photo: Ordered three tacos - got 34 sauce packets.Photo: Tonti Falls, Starved Rock, ILPhoto: Cut down on smoking roll your own.Photo: Tray and can opener, just something I picked up at a church rummage.Photo: African Shield courtesy of Hank BothePhoto: Val's Cell Phone - Caller ID.Photo: Christmas decorated bushes at night with multi-colored lightsPhoto: Brick home with Christmas wreaths snow and lightsPhoto: Sad little raccoon in the trash - corner 3Photo: Pete - Big Fork Lake - 1961?Photo: Hodag in RhinelanderPhoto: This is the meaning of T&SPhoto: Another dream house missed?Photo: $20,000 and this house can be yours!Photo: St. Micheal's Hospital GonePhoto: Leg Lamp and Osage Orange - Seasons GreetingsPhoto: Trails West mapPhoto: Crossing the stream in Downtown Rush, AR after a rain.Photo: Small Falls - Rush woodsPhoto: Winding Falls - Rush ARPhoto: Photo: Stitched PanoramaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Carp FeastingPhoto: Photo: Casino Encased Lucky CentsPhoto: Prelude For SalePhoto: Easter at KeshenaPhoto: Menominee RoomPhoto: Closed CasinoPhoto: Mole Lake CasinoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Wisconsin CasinoPhoto: Elko Silver StrikePhoto: Sids RenoPhoto: Reno 2003 WIth Valerie!Photo: Back DoorPhoto: Drinks on tray blue shotsPhoto: Soiled Computer KeyboardPhoto: Photo: Lucky Mini GnomePhoto: Green gemstone with metalic linesPhoto: hail on the doorstepPhoto: Leaving for Arkansas 2011Photo: Marge in the morningPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Arch from InterstatePhoto: Stadium on the way to I-44Photo: Folding Bed Foot SaverPhoto: end of Light Rail Car at platformPhoto: Front end loader pulls tractor trailer loose from snowPhoto: Stuck TruckPhoto: Sparklers for ChristmasPhoto: West Chicago Light PolePhoto: End of the yearPhoto: BackupPhoto: BackupPhoto: DinnerPhoto: Stars iowa