32 Photos - Dec 31, 2013
Photo: Our Holiday Letter for 2013!Photo: Cold River Camp, one of my fav places on earth!  We stayed there as a base camp for hiking.Photo: Oklahoma tornado responsePhoto: Totally writing her thesis.Photo: Pre-bike ride! Didn't want to stop riding by the end!Photo: Our friends The Fine Machines playing in Brooklyn.Photo: Smith College 10-year ReunionPhoto: every wedding should include a Catan tournament.Photo: Typical evening in the park.Photo: egregious cutenessPhoto: Petra trying to not break her neck on Breakneck RidgePhoto: Help with studying.Photo: White Mountain hiking trip: poured the whole time, and we still loved it.Photo: Great live music!  Here, the Killers at MSG.Photo: We learned how to do the flying trapeze!Photo: One of the ridges we hiked.Photo: Why take the easy way when there's a more fun way?Photo: Friends at the parental home!Photo: Totally Babysitter's Club.Photo: Creating our own temporary sculpture at Storm King.Photo: So. Hungry. (On top of a waterfall)Photo: Kayaking in Maine: I'll take that boat!Photo: Singing with friends at a wedding campfire: very high-brow.Photo: I'm not sure that's the intended use for the chainsaw...Photo: Creating some additions to the Maine landscape.Photo: in the last days of 5PointzPhoto: Ice-covered ShawangunksPhoto: a little nap in the Hudson HighlandsPhoto: Bonus sleeping Lazer-dogPhoto: A good year for naps.Photo: our friend Lindsay's wedding: photo by the excellent Dalke Studios, all credit to them, hire them!Photo: celebrations in the Village on the overturning of DOMA.