73 Photos - Sep 10, 2014
Photo: Happiness at getting all the luggage into the Scenic!Photo: FlorinePhoto: PetrosPhoto: Our leased Scenic with the French plates.  It was a nice car - leather seats, sun roof, moon roof, diesel, GPS and automatic.Photo: Kat - proud lessor of a brand new Renault for a monthPhoto: Check out Petros' sunglasses.Photo: Irene, being patient, inside the car rental building, waiting for the Renault rep to get roudn to the paperwork.Photo: Kat, waiting for the Renault man.Photo: Vintage cars inside the car place.  Note the signs are in English only.Photo: Passing by Leonardo da Vinci airport, Fiumicino, on our way to Villa Aureli.Photo: Making our way to the A1Photo: ANAS SPA - the government owned company responsible for Italian motorways, freeways and national roads.Photo: The roads are full of tunnels.Photo: Sign for Uscita 1.  I would say the highways were fairly well signed.Photo: View from a speeding car.Photo: View of a random village from a speeding car.Photo: This village looks a little more interesting than the other one.Photo: Still on the well-signed highway.Photo: Another shot from the speeding carPhoto: More tunnels.Photo: On the road to PerugiaPhoto: In the garden at Villa Aureli - olive tree and poppiesPhoto: Bedroom for Florine and PetrosPhoto: Florine, in the doorway between the 2 bedrooms. The living room is beyond her bedroom.Photo: Bedroom that Irene and Kat shared.  It was a really spacious room.Photo: Painted ceilings in the bedroomPhoto: Painted tiles on the floor of the bedroomPhoto: Hallway to Kat and Irene's bedroom.  The far door leads to another 2 bedrooms.Photo: Painted ceilings and pictures on the wall in the hallway to the bedrooms.Photo: Hallway to the bedrooms.Photo: The other end of the hallway to the bedrooms, from the living room.Photo: Living room, with exit to stairs, kitchen and bathroom behind Flo and PetrosPhoto: Florine, Irene & Kat in the living roomPhoto: Irene in one of the winged armchairsPhoto: Kat, Irene and FlorinePhoto: FlorinePhoto: Florine and PetrosPhoto: View from the apartmentPhoto: View of the garden from the apartmentPhoto: View of the garden from the apartmentPhoto: View of the garden from the apartment, with the linden treesPhoto: Decoration on balcony enclosurePhoto: View of the garden from the apartmentPhoto: Balconies in apartmentPhoto: Florine, beside painting on wall in the courtyard.Photo: Irene and Florine outside the door/gate to our apartment.  It has a very special one of a kind key that has to be locked up before we leave the villa.Photo: Making our way to the first set of gates on our way to the village.  Our car was parked under the trees outside this first gate.Photo: Florine and Irene, outside the main gate of the villa.Photo: The villa is in Castel del Piano.  Bagnaia is the next village.Photo: A house just around the corner from the villa.Photo: Narrow street and sidewalk to the village from the villa.Photo: The little town square in Castel del PianoPhoto: Village churchPhoto: Villa Aureli.  Our apartment was up on the 3rd floor (they call it the second floor) with the balconies.  We also had a very formal looking room on the floor below.  We never used it.  I think of it as a formal drawing room.Photo: Eco, Laura's dog.  Laura is the daughter of Sperello and Carla, the owners of the villa.  Laura works in Florence.Photo: Petros, feeling mellow after a glass of the Villa Aureli white.Photo: Pizza slices from the Rioni 7 in the village for our dinner.  There were no other options - it is a rather small village, and we did not feel like driving.  But the pizza was really goodPhoto: Villa Aureli white.  We drank quite a few bottles during our stay.  That's the special key for the door/gate to the apartment on the table.Photo: IrenePhoto: View from the gardenPhoto: View from the gardenPhoto: View from the garden, courtesy of a pretty powerful zoom lens.Photo: Another zoomed in view from the gardenPhoto: Sheep in the meadow beyond the villa gardenPhoto: Sheep grazing in the meadowPhoto: Wall around the villa gardenPhoto: Part of the garden wallPhoto: Part of the garden wall, with a potted lemon tree. The lemon trees winter in a shed and are moved back out to the garden each year.Photo: One of the many potted lemon trees.Photo: Garden wall - villa garden to the left and meadows to the right.  The swimming pool (formerly a cistern) is in the overexposed part of the phot towards the left.Photo: Irene took this pretty cool photo of the garden wall.Photo: Linden blooms. They are very fragrant.Photo: Village church bells.  They ring every 15 minutes - it took a while but we figured out how to tell time by those bells.