136 Photos - Sep 24, 2012
Photo: Early morning mist - Villa AureliPhoto: I call this the drawing room - it is on the first floor of our apartment in Villa Aureli.  We did not use the room - a bit too formal for our taste.Photo: Irene in the drawing roomPhoto: Irene with Pepe, who belongs to Quinto (the groundskeeper) and his wife, Adriana (the housekeeper).  Pepe had problems with his back legs that required multiple surgeries.Photo: PepePhoto: Pepe and IrenePhoto: In the parking lot of the entertainment centre, waiting for Mark Stafford of Gusto Wine Tours to pick us up.Photo: Kat and Florine, in the parking lot of the Villa Zuccari, waiting for Mary & Larry, from North Carolina, to join us for the wine tour.Photo: Florine and Kat.Photo: Rose in Villa Zuccari gardenPhoto: Irene by the roses in the garden at Villa ZuccariPhoto: On the road to our first wineryPhoto: Multitude of road signs flashing by as Mark drove to our first wineryPhoto: View from the road on the way to the first wineryPhoto: Our first winery, RomanelliPhoto: At Cantina RomanelliPhoto: View from Cantina RomanelliPhoto: View from Cantina RomanelliPhoto: Kat, Irene and Florine at Cantina RomanelliPhoto: View from Cantina RomanelliPhoto: View from Cantina RomanelliPhoto: A walnut tree??Photo: Olive tree but I could be wrongPhoto: PoppyPhoto: More poppiesPhoto: Romanelli signPhoto: Romanelli's Montefalco RossoPhoto: Romanelli Olive oit and Grechetto winePhoto: Anna Rita pouring olive oilPhoto: Mark describing the virtues of the Romanelli Montefalco RossoPhoto: Closer look at the Montefalco Rosso wine bottlePhoto: Petros with his glass of Montefalco PassitoPhoto: Mark with a bottle of Passito, a sweet dessert wine made from sagrantino grapesPhoto: Romanelli olive oils and winesPhoto: The four types of wines produced at RomanelliPhoto: Petros, after enjoying his wine and finger foodsPhoto: Winery kittenPhoto: Sagrantino wine route sign.  Sagrantino is only grown in the area around Montefalco.Photo: Grape vines in the second winery that Mark took us to.  Nobody was home, which annoyed the heck out of Mark.  He had to scramble to find another winery to take us to.Photo: Clusters of grapesPhoto: Clusters of grapes surrounded by leavesPhoto: Irene outside the empty wineryPhoto: Irene, Florine and KatPhoto: PetrosPhoto: Petros and FlorinePhoto: Drying racks, machinery and the like at second wineryPhoto: View from the second wineryPhoto: Montefalco, with the out of place water towerPhoto: Plaque commemorating the second oldest olive tree in ItalyPhoto: The second oldest olive tree in Italy (or so we were told)Photo: Another look at the second oldest olive tree in Italy from a different anglePhoto: Plaque at the Moretti Omero winery - note the silhouette of the second oldest olive tree in ItalyPhoto: Irene and Kat at Moretti OmeroPhoto: Moretti Omero storePhoto: Moretti Omero - old equipmentPhoto: Moretti Omero - wines and accessoriesPhoto: Moretti Omero - you can buy wine by the jugs herePhoto: Petros at Moretti OmeroPhoto: Photo: Petros, Irene and Kat at Moretti OmeroPhoto: Moretti Omero - awardsPhoto: Petros - Moretti OmeroPhoto: Plants at Moretti OmeroPhoto: Moretti OmeroPhoto: On the road to lunch at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Patio in Camiano Piccolo, an agriturismo, near MontefalcoPhoto: Kat and Pietro, father of the chef, Guiseppe, at Camiano Piccolo.  Guiseppe teaches in a culinary school in Florence in the off season.Photo: Our table out in the patio at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Florine and Petros at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Irene and Florine at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: We started with a black rice salad.  Yummy.Photo: A closer look at the black rice saladPhoto: Dolce and Gabbana - pasta in tomato sauce with lemon zest.  It was really tasty.Photo: Kat, Mary, Larry, Mark and Florine with grilled pork and potatoes on the table.Photo: A closer look at the grilled pork and potatoes.Photo: Panna cotta with raspberry sauce for dessert.  It was really, really good.Photo: Red sparkling wine for an early celebration of Florine's upcoming birthdayPhoto: An accidental shot, but I kind of liked the angle.Photo: Apartments and rooms in Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Our open air dining room - Kat with Mary and LarryPhoto: Lodgings in Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Lodgings in Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Camiano Piccolo - dining patio with swimming pool in the backgroundPhoto: Flowers in garden at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: Pot of flowers at Camiano PiccoloPhoto: View on road to our next winery, FongoliPhoto: Passing the sign for one of the bigger wineries, Antonelli, on our way to FongoliPhoto: On the road to FongoliPhoto: Florine, in the garden of FongoliPhoto: Press - FongoliPhoto: FongoliPhoto: Patio at FongoliPhoto: Roses at FongoliPhoto: Garden at FongoliPhoto: View from FongoliPhoto: Dog at FongoliPhoto: View from FongoliPhoto: Mary and Larry at Fongoli, looking at the giant jasmine plantPhoto: Owner of FongoliPhoto: Barrel in FongoliPhoto: Florine in Fongoli barrel roomPhoto: Barrel room in FongoliPhoto: Fongoli - barrel of Montefalco sagrantino seccoPhoto: Fongoli signPhoto: Reference wines in FongoliPhoto: Reference wine labels in Fongoli.Photo: Dusty reference wine bottles in FongoliPhoto: Larry, Mary, Petros, Irene, Florine and Kat in FongoliPhoto: Four vintages of Montefalco sagrantino wines at FongoliPhoto: Storage room in FongoliPhoto: Awards for Fongoli winesPhoto: A big barrel in FongoliPhoto: Wine tasting bar at FongoliPhoto: Florine with the winery dog at FongoliPhoto: Petros and Irene with the winery dog at FongoliPhoto: FongoliPhoto: Rose in Fongoli gardenPhoto: Another rose in Fongoli gardenPhoto: View from FongoliPhoto: On the road to Villa ZuccariPhoto: Parking lot of the Villa Zuccari where we came upon a group of German cyclists and their service van.Photo: Villa ZuccariPhoto: Irene, beside Mark's vanPhoto: View of an unknown town from car on road back to Villa AureliPhoto: Back at Villa Aureli, overlooking the garden from our 2nd floor (3rd floor to us Canadians) apartmentPhoto: Garden at Villa AureliPhoto: Garden at Villa AureliPhoto: Garden at Villa Aureli - note the potted lemon trees, which are moved indoors before each winter, and then brought back out in the spring.  They are pretty old.Photo: Garden at Villa Aureli.  The table and chairs in the centre were for our exclusive use during our stay.Photo: Garden at Villa AureliPhoto: The dining room in our apartment at Villa AureliPhoto: Florine on her favourite chaisse lounge in the living room of our apartmentPhoto: Irene knitting in her favourite chair while Florine updates her travel journalPhoto: Kat at her favourite spot in the apartmentPhoto: All hard at work at Villa AureliPhoto: Petros at Villa Aureli