15 Photos - Jun 3, 2013
Photo: Benjamin and Lyla were happy to be shopping at Sam's Club. 

*This google+ story is a part of a sponsored review of the Samsung Smart Camera through Collective Bias. Visit http://linesacrossreviews.blogspot.com/2013/06/samsung-smart-camera-review-plus-how-to.html for the full review.Photo: $249.88 - marked down about $30. What a great price and a beautiful display!Photo: Wow, look at that zoom lens! I can't wait to try out the fun "smart" features like the wifi.Photo: 16 MP Sensor, 21x optical zoom, and 1080 HD Video - this will be SOOOO much better than using my phone for a camera.Photo: Of course, we had to get some groceries since we were at Sam's Club.Photo: The wifi capabilities let you easily and wirelessly share pictures to your smart phone, to Facebook, or through email. What's great is that you don't even need a wifi network to share pictures directly to your phone.Photo: Healthy foods and a fun new camera! Hooray!Photo: This camera is beautiful!Photo: Download this free app to connect the camera to your phone. Then you click the wifi button on the top of the Samsung Camera and press "Select photos from your camera". Now there will be instructions on the screen: On your phone, connect to the wireless network displayed on the camera, then open the app on your phone. Now you can click on photos from your camera to directly transfer them to your phone.Photo: Unedited photo. I LOVE how they are holding hands and the photo is sharp enough to see that Lyla's eyes are closed under her sunglasses. I took this picture at Sea World, then while we were waiting in line, I transferred it to my camera and uploaded it to Instagram and Facebook.Photo: I took this beautiful picture with my new Samsung camera. I did not edit the picture at all (other than the watermark).Photo: I decided to test the 21x zoom features of the camera. This picture is fully zoomed out looking across the parking lot of my husband pushing the kids in the stroller. You can't even see him here, but he is near the arrow.Photo: Here is the photo all the way zoomed in. I was shocked both at how far such a small camera was able to zoom, and at how clear and crisp the picture turned out, even though my husband was walking quickly and the sun was starting to set. (This picture is not cropped or edited at all, other than of course the watermark).Photo: You can use the touch screen to increase the exposure of your pictures. You can take better pictures without having to worry about all the details of a manual camera.Photo: The P (Program) Setting and touch screen of the Samsung WB800F Camera makes it so EASY to take more control of your pictures for stunning results. Use the touch screen to increase the exposure when taking white background pictures for a dramatic result.
(visit http://linesacrossreviews.blogspot.com/2013/06/samsung-smart-camera-review-plus-how-to.html for more details and tips)