38 Photos - Jul 21, 2012
Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and TCBY #TCBYGrocery #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.Photo: Did you know that National Hammock Day is on July 22??  I didn't either until recently!  We have a hammock & don't need much reason to celebrate...so we headed to Walmart to pick up some goodies for our BBQ/Hammock Day party. :)Photo: Here's a picture of me & "the crew" headed into Walmart.  I always go in through the garden section...more parking is available over there. Where do you like to park at Walmart??Photo: Ummm...little man did NOT want to sit in the seat of the buggy OR in the back on his bottom.  So guess what I had to do carry him!  Ugh!  :( (I can count it for my workout for today though.  Yay!)Photo: ONLY $5!!!!  These chairs were calling my name...but I was good...just walked on by.  I might go back though. ;)Photo: Did you know that Walmart sells mattresses???  Apparently they do...annnnd we tried them out...oh! they were comfortable. :)Photo: Anybody want an already laid on mattress?? ;)Photo: I didn't make a list for this trip.  We were after one thing...TCBY frozen yogurt.Photo: I've been addicted to TCBY frozen yogurt since it was first available at Walmart this spring.  It's so good!Photo: I knew it would be perfect for our party!Photo: Lots of different kinds! Yum!Photo: MINT CHOCOLATE CHUNK...that's a new one for me!  Can't wait to try it!!!Photo: My kids love the vanilla sandwiches.Photo: Chocolate bars are good, too! ;)Photo: My oldest daughter LOVES the orange & vanilla bars.Photo: The strawberry swirl bars are one of my favorites AND only 100 calories a bar! Sweet! :)Photo: While we were there we had to check out all the other frozen goodies.Photo: Birthday party ice cream...that's a cute idea.Photo: That looks interesting!Photo: Ooh!  Reese's!Photo: I love that Walmart carries a lot of varieties.  I shop at Walmart all the time.  Love it!Photo: Those are BIG!Photo: They need to make family size TCBY! ;)Photo: We loaded our buggy with one of each kind of TCBY frozen yogurt I think!  :)Photo: You can never have too much TCBY frozen yogurt!Photo: As we were leaving we noticed some ice cream cones...TCBY + a cone = yummy!  So we grabbed a couple of boxes.Photo: We also grabbed a few things for our BBQ...we needed some chips!Photo: We also grabbed a HUGE jar of pickles.  My kids LOVE pickles.Photo: Off to the checkout...do you notice my little helper I'm holding.  My arm was pretty numb by now, too! :(Photo: Did I mention we also grabbed some strawberries & grapes?  The strawberries were only $1 a carton. Wow!Photo: What do you think the cashier is going to say about all that TCBY? ;)Photo: Our cashier was very nice!Photo: She let me know about the tax free weekend that is coming up in August.Photo: She even put our TCBY in paper sacks to keep in colder.  That was nice.Photo: TCBY was the perfect guest at our BBQ/Hammock Day celebraton.Photo: I LOVED all the variety.  Everyone got to pick their favorite.Photo: Yum!Photo: HaPpY HaMmOcK DaY! :)