28 Photos - Dec 8, 2012
Photo: On this trip, the only thing I shot was LOTS of Pictures!Photo: Photo: We are on our way from Louisiana to meet up with DAN in Colorado. Onto brave many of the magnificent trails and over some of the most beautiful passes in North America!Photo: One of thousands of beautiful view we had on the trip, from the Highway to Durango, CO!Photo: Old Brown had a Hiccup during one of the first trips, but the MEN quickly fixed the prob and we were back on the road in NO TIME! Jeepers take on mechanical difficulties with a different attitude. Everyone pitches in most of the time it can be fixed or rig so that the adventure continues on!Photo: Just Another river in Colorado, another GORGEOUS River!!Photo: Kurt & Lynn as we drive down into another Old Mining Town. It is amazing to see some of the structures that have survived so many years.Photo: Photo: The Tundra, above the tree line and headed up to above where there is no grass! Amazing, It is like you are on the moon!Photo: One of the Old Mining towns, getting very close to the tree line!Photo: Dan the Man coming down out ot a pass, only to go across and go back up another passPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dan approaching yet another historical mining sight. We are above the Tree Line, "TUNDRA", and will soon be where there is no visible vegetation! It's like another world up there, and in the hottest part of the summer, we had to bundle up in these High Elevations!Photo: OURAY BOUND! Lots of people lined up to go over a VERY steep pass. Another group of Toyota, Dan leads us pass the group to start our journey!Photo: Kurt & Lynn waiting in line with us for one of the toughest drives of the entire trip, OURAY TODAY!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lou strolling down the cold running Colorado creek, just like he used to do as a boy in Tennessee!Photo: Lou & Dan just HAVE to shed their shoes and walk in the Cold Colorado Creek!