90 Photos - Jan 14, 2012
Photo: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Ernst & OctavianPhoto: Sarah - Ernst - OctavianPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: ErnstPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Ernst - Enric - KristelPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Selection dayVideo: Selection day jamming. Ernst Reijseger (Vlc), Enric (Bcl), Kristel (Voc), Helena (Vl), Harri (Acc), Jaak (Pf)Photo: Hanne - LinnPhoto: Selection dayPhoto: Jeremy, Ernst, CarlesPhoto: Group A in studio 1Photo: Group A in studio 1Photo: Ernst with his group AVideo: Directing by movementPhoto: Ernst with Group APhoto: Anto with group CPhoto: Ernst on electrical celloPhoto: Ernst on electrical cello & MariaVideo: Ernst & JeremyPhoto: Presentation Vincent group EPhoto: Group DPhoto: Presentation David DolanPhoto: David Dolan's presentationPhoto: Solo Partita with improvised guiding linePhoto: Octavian and PerePhoto: Bart van Rosmalen, Anto Pett and Anne-Liis Poll: an improvised mono operaPhoto: BartPhoto: Anne-Liis and BartPhoto: Photo: AntoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Sung version of the Mozart QuartetPhoto: BIM Huis Sunday afternoon, the Michael Moore 4tet (notice Amsterdam by dusk in the background)Photo: Michael Moore 4tetPhoto: Our trustworthy assistant Irina!Photo: Private concert by Ernst Reijseger and Harmen FraanjePhoto: Eija playing the KanteelePhoto: Second half for student ensembles: Clarinet trioPhoto: Trio Cosima, Carles and LinnPhoto: Jaak ensemblePhoto: Video: Krista QuintetVideo: Ernst joins the Maria ensemblePhoto: Escamp city hallPhoto: Raphaël en KristaPhoto: Nicholas and visitorsPhoto: A beautiful spacePhoto: Photo: Hugo and KristaPhoto: Both employees and visitors were watching the showPhoto: Crossing work trafficPhoto: The Classical impro concert: David and KarstPhoto: Karst soloPhoto: Bert soloPhoto: Preparation in the backroom of the BadkapelPhoto: Hanging out before the performancePhoto: Interior of the BadkapelPhoto: Singing the opening partPhoto: Photo: Photo: Stage and organPhoto: Duet Sarah and MaciejPhoto: Duet Sarah and AistaPhoto: ...Photo: Tuba flooredPhoto: Ricard and EmilienPhoto: With Emilio and Bert onstagePhoto: Piano class students working together with group APhoto: challenges on the keyboardPhoto: ...Photo: Playing togetherPhoto: Don't look, just listen and react!Photo: DAMU final presentationPhoto: DAMUPhoto: Photo: Video: Taking over from beginning of existing pieceVideo: Teaching while playing (piece by Ernst Reijseger)