102 Photos - Nov 20, 2009
Photo: I went to Bangalore to attend the International Canopy Conference. Here are some of the Plenary Speakers and organizers - Kamal Bawa, Thomas Lovejoy, Margaret Lowman, and Raman Sukumar.Photo: Sculpture at the United Theological College, where several people at the conference stayed who were attending the Canopy Meeting.Photo: Traffic in Bangalore.Photo: These elevated highways are being built all over Bangalore. This one is above MG (Mahatma Gandhi) Road.Photo: Neighborhood in Bangalore.Photo: Tree climbing lessons at the conference.Photo: Tropical downpour.Photo: There was a mid-conference field trip. On the way out of Bangalore we stopped at Tipu Sultan's fort.Photo: A temple inside the fort.Photo: There was a whole village inside the fort. Walls made out of granite slabs are common in the area around Bangalore.Photo: This car looked like a couple of people could pick it up.Photo: Street inside the fort.Photo: The destination of the field trip was the Nandi Hills, granite mounds rising above the plain.Photo: Not really sure what was going on with this rocket launching truck - it looked like they were cleaning it.Photo: Waste disposal is a bit of a problem.Photo: School girls on bikes.Photo: Trees inside the Bhoga Nandishwara temple.Photo: Outside the temple.Photo: Another tree near the temple.Photo: Photo: The temple.Photo: Another view of the templePhoto: Photo: Ganesh - the god of good fortunePhoto: Photo: Sculpture from the oldest part of the templePhoto: Outside the inner sanctum of the templePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hoysala period column carved out a single piece of stonePhoto: Shiva shrinePhoto: Temple tank were the evening talk was heldPhoto: There were thousands of these tiny frogs around the tankPhoto: Photo: Photo: The frogs were good climbers. They got as high as my knees!Photo: The end of the evening talkPhoto: After the conference I took a bus trip to Hampi. Here's a bus stationPhoto: Another view of the bus stationPhoto: Bathing ghat along the Tungabhadra River in Hampi.Photo: Elaphant getting a bath.Photo: Another view of the ghat.Photo: Ferry crossing the river - I took it across to the guest house on the other side I stayed at while in Hampi.Photo: Rice paddies and granite boulders.Photo: Bouldery hills.Photo: Leafless plant growing among the rocks - in the Euphorbaceae family I think.Photo: View over HampiPhoto: Photo: Rocks in the river bedPhoto: Temple near the river.Photo: Pillar from the Vijayanagar period.Photo: Structure above the river - rarely visited - I had to scramble over the rocky hills to get here. It would have been easier to get there by boat.Photo: View across the river. Three people in a coracle are floating down the river.Photo: Photo: Rock in process of being split. (Probably abandoned several hundred years ago.)Photo: Photo: Looking toward the Hanuman Temple high on a hill.Photo: Langurs looking at me.Photo: Bee eater on a wire.Photo: Water buffaloPhoto: Remains of an ancient bridgePhoto: High on a hill topPhoto: View over the countryside near HampiPhoto: The Hanuman (monkey god) temple. There were a couple of macaques running around.Photo: Country roadPhoto: Taking home some firewoodPhoto: Rice paddies and bouldersPhoto: Old bridgePhoto: I don't think I'd stand under therePhoto: Palm trees near the guesthouse where I stayedPhoto: Moon over rocks, rice, and coconutsPhoto: Photo: Rice growingPhoto: Slow lizard early in the morningPhoto: Bull near ruins in HampiPhoto: Turned columnsPhoto: Ruins amid the rocksPhoto: Nandi - Shiva's bullPhoto: One big centipedePhoto: Photo: HanumanPhoto: Guidebooks like to describe Hampi as 'atmospheric'Photo: Outside one of the many templesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A common hoopoePhoto: Common hoopoePhoto: Photo: Photo: One afternoon I wandered off toward an area called the waterfalls - not much of a waterfall, but there was a wild landscape of scoured rocks near the river.Photo: Photo: A garden plot with marigolds on an island in the river. (It was a pretty big island).Photo: This place must be wild during the monsoon!Photo: Fisherman among the rocksPhoto: I found a shady spot to hide out from the sun in a while. The phrase 'only fit for mad dogs and Englishmen' would describe this landscape in mid-afternoon. I must have some English ancestors.Photo: Rocks by the river.Photo: Harvesting rice.Photo: Sunset over Hampi.