61 Photos - Dec 28, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: green tea. red bean soup in a can (vegan)Photo: vegan creamy pumpkin and corn soupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: vegan mayonnaisePhoto: vegan natto "plum and vinegar flavour"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yamazaki brand Kushi Dango (sticky rice cakes on a stick)
 covered in smooth bean pastePhoto: Photo: Morinaga brand "Mitsuya cider - lemon flavour" ice popPhoto: left: Namisato brand "Mocchiri! Shinshokkan Okome no kona" (rice flour) **Note: I believe this contains gluten
right: Showa brand "Sakutto crispy kantan pizza desu" (Easy crispy pizza crust mix)Photo: soyogurt.. big one is vegan, small ones contain gelatinePhoto: chilled red bean soupsPhoto: soy milk karinto snacks
**note: many other karinto snacks have egg in them.Photo: Japanese seitanPhoto: tofu with mustard fillingPhoto: vegan natto: tamari version of tare sauce (instead of regular tare, which contains bonito)Photo: deep fried silken tofuPhoto: salt-lychee popsiclePhoto: Photo: vegan ice treats/popsiclesPhoto: various types of agar-agar powderPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: mousse base (vegan, but won't become a mousse without cow's milk. can make a great vegan smoothie or milkshake base though)Photo: Japanese seitanPhoto: All of these are vegan except the middle (brown/purple) one, and the one on the left has trace amounts of dairyPhoto: the one on the left is veganPhoto: vegan whipping creamPhoto: top: "shiro-ae" tofu and sesame mixed with vegetables
bottom left: pickled hakusai 
bottom right: goma dofu (like sesame jelly with miso sauce)Photo: Vegan mayo at a health food storePhoto: various convenience foods at a health food storePhoto: vegan panko and dehydrated vegetable flakesPhoto: Vegan cookiesPhoto: steamed brown sugar cake - veganPhoto: Photo: Vegan honey (sugar beet syrup--tastes exactly like honey but doesn't crystallize)Photo: Kikkoman brand soy milk 
left: Sakura flavour
right: melon flavourPhoto: Vegetable shortening made from organic and sustainable palm oilPhoto: Non dairy yogurt drink made from fermented rice (koji)Photo: Glico almond milk (pictured is the coffee flavour; completely vegan. The fruit/banana flavour contains honey)Photo: Hokkaido whole wheat flourPhoto: Dried goji berriesPhoto: Sawasdee Basil Seed drink, Lychee flavour.
This has many different flavours.Photo: Soy margarine: 100% plant based, without flavourings or colourantsPhoto: Soy margarinePhoto: deep fried veggie tofu