55 Photos - Aug 9, 2016
Photo: Solitude of the early morningPhoto: First sign of Atlantic (Left) and Pacific (right)Photo: Sunrise is getting closePhoto: Pacific is center rightPhoto: Fun little scramblePhoto: My ascent ridgePhoto: SunrisePhoto: Good morning selfiePhoto: Quandary PeakPhoto: Fletcher and AtlanticPhoto: More rockPhoto: Ridgeline to the northPhoto: PacificPhoto: Mohawk Lakes areaPhoto: KnifeedgesPhoto: Getting closer to PacificPhoto: Break before the summitPhoto: Final pyramidPhoto: Me and QuandaryPhoto: CrystalPhoto: Crystal, Peak 10, Father DyerPhoto: East RidgePhoto: The flats near Pacific TarnPhoto: Summit of PacificPhoto: Morning pyramidPhoto: Ridgeline to CrystalPhoto: Pacific Tarn and QuandaryPhoto: Ridge up AtlanticPhoto: Looking back towards PacificPhoto: QuandaryPhoto: FletcherPhoto: Pacific from AtlanticPhoto: Summit of AtlanticPhoto: McCullough GulchPhoto: Pacific and the way backPhoto: Pacific Tarn and Pacific PeakPhoto: Start of the East RidgePhoto: West Ridge of QuandaryPhoto: QuandaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Pacific on the way outPhoto: Back down the ridgePhoto: Time to get itPhoto: FletcherPhoto: CrystalPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mohawk LakePhoto: Photo: Way downPhoto: Photo: Photo: