38 Photos - Jul 25, 2012
Photo: Getting ready to digPhoto: #GoldenInnPhoto: We loved Avalon, not crowded, not over commericialized.Photo: Waiting for his dinner. Dinner was later absconded by seagulls!Photo: What a way to wait for your dinner......poolside!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Playing after dinner. #GoldenInnPhoto: #GoldenInn in Avalon, NJ--highly recommend it!Photo: Photo: Why the beach is fun...you stay up late and stay in the pool.Photo: We walked into Stone Harbor, and the doors to the Fire House were open, so we went in.Photo: Because when you have little boys, that's what you do.Photo: Photo: SandMan Matt's first creation.Photo: CanYouDigIt.com sand toolsPhoto: @SandmanMatt working on his castle.Photo: Brian wondered why it didn't have a flag. @SandMan Matt said he often brings them, but didn't this time.Photo: Building sand castles for a living...tough job but someone has got to do it!Photo: Doesn't everyone take this stuff to the beach to build sand castles? #SandMastersPhoto: Photo: @JennFredFox29 interviewing @SandmanMattPhoto: Thanks to sponsors @DrinkBai who kept us hydrated while we watched @SandManMatt build sandcastles while being interviewed by @JennFredFox29Photo: We were on TV! Did you see us? It was brief.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sponsored in part by @ThePaintedHome and @JordanSchneider Thanks guys!Photo: Also sponsored by @VisitAC (we will!) @SuddenlySafe @DrinkBai @CustomCakeGal @BoogieMom @HonestTea @HallmarkPRPhoto: Kevin splashing & working on his #SocialSkills which went well. #IEP #SpecialNeeds #AutismPhoto: Kiddos having a second day of fun in pool.Photo: Was too hot to stay on beach!Photo: Took turns watching each other's kiddos, love my #PSMM galsPhoto: Photo: This was a very cool mini vacation! Thanks #GoldenInn and #SandMasters !