22 Photos - Jul 25, 2014
Photo: Bright sunshine and a blue sky. Heatwave draws people to the sea, vacationers everywhere. I climbed the mountain to reach this breathtaking wiev. The building is the known Watercolour museum in Skärmhamn, the beautiful West coast of Sweden.Photo: Watercolour museum in Skärhamn, West coast of Sweden.Photo: Swimming in Skärhamn.Photo: Bathe in a warm sea.Photo: Flip flop.Photo: Rocks and sea.Photo: Gorgeous day in Skärhamn.Photo: Sailers.Photo: Ship sails past.Photo: Rocks and sea.Photo: A small lake amongst the mountains.Photo: A small lake amongst the mountains.Photo: The heather begins to bloom.Photo: Wild nature.Photo: Wild nature.Photo: Looking down.Photo: Ripe blackberries.Photo: Beautiful wiev.Photo: Looking down.Photo: Photo: Photo: Wild nature.