10 Photos - Jul 24, 2014
Photo: Nightlife at the beach. Warnemünde.Photo: Twilight. Ostsee Warnemünde.Photo: That's me, on the beach in the night. Warnemünde.Photo: Twilight.  Ostsee WarnemündePhoto: Waves of the sea. Warnemünde.Photo: Beach Baskets in the moonlight. Warnemünde.Photo: Digital photo art. Ostsee Warnemünde.Video: The sea.
"From the sea rises waves, sparkling in the sunset.
The calm glassy sea has shifted mood, again.
Fresh winds, sea salt and barefoot in the sand.
Waves come closer,
singing mysteriously in twilight.
The sea's breath flows in the atmosphere,
giving birth to a magical sense of awakening.
Multicolored beautiful enchanting changing infinity.
From the waves rises the sea's music,
over and over again". Gun Friederici Svantesson The video clip contains "" The Greate Wave "of Kanagawa.Photo: Photo: Fishing boat. Warnemünde.