44 Photos - May 25, 2012
Photo: CD jacket desgin
GET HIP RECORDS 2014Photo: Fats & Fats 3rd album " A LITTLE BEFORE". front coverPhoto: Fats & Fats back coverPhoto: design work for "Les Zazous Week-end Tokyo 2015".Photo: flyer design for Casino Follies by Baron & Cherry Typhoon.Photo: CD design for Little Fats & Swingin' Hot Shot PartyPhoto: GET HIP SHOWCASE 7
GET HIP RECORDS 2013Photo: FATS & FATS / no.1
GET HIP RECORDS 2013, 11.6Photo: Photo: Naomi & Her Handsome Devils debut CD.Photo: CD design for "Akiko Nakanowatari & Turkey".Photo: CD design for " OH ! SHARELS".Photo: poster design for galcia 15th anniversary.Photo: CD design of " Little Fats & Swingin' Hot Shot Party" 2014Photo: GENTLE FOREST 5 & GENTLE FOREST SISTERSPhoto: Photo: Photo: cd cover illustration for Edison Chen of Hong Kong.Photo: CD design & illustration for Seksuroba.Photo: CD package design & illustration for Nippon Columbia.Photo: CD package design & illustration.Photo: Photo: CD cover illustration for Blue Note label.Photo: CD cover illustration for Seksuroba.Photo: CD cover illustration for Fleming Pie.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: CD package design & illustration for "Qypthone".Photo: CD package design & illustration for "Seksuroba".
Crippled dic hot wax label in Germany.Photo: CD package design & illustration for "Soul Food Cafe".Photo: Photo: Hiroaki Yamazaki & Dynamics
幻レコーズPhoto: CD cover illustration for "Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra".
Starbucks Coffee label.Photo: Photo: Photo: poster for The Wanderers 30th anniversary.Photo: Photo: Casino Folies / Baron & Cherry Typhoon
CD design 2014Photo: Casino Folies
flyer design 2014Photo: CD jacket design
GET HIP RECORDS 2014Photo: CD jacket design
The Wanderers / TOGETHERPhoto: logo design for "The Silver Shadows".(dance company)Photo: CD design for Conny " Doo Wop Tonight".