Photo: Walkway To The Walkway To The Presidents
Mount Rushmore National Memorial

That title is not a typo. From the tour bus parking lot to the grand walkway to the main viewing area of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is this granite walkway that gently curves away as one enters. We were there in the morning, maybe 9:30 or so, and the sun was brightly illuminating everything facing east.

We beat the crowds by several months. "Who goes to South Dakota in December??" people said, when we announced plans a couple of weeks before. The temperature in Rapid City was about 8 degrees below zero (Farenheit) when our reservations were made. Two weeks later, it was actually quite pleasant- in the 40s and 50s in the daytime, even at higher altitudes.

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Photo: Morning Illumination of Mount Rushmore
Not too early, mind you.

This is what you see when you step out of the walkway leading from the parking lot. There are many "unofficial" views of the Memorial visible from the highway and other roads winding through this area the Black Hills. As stunning as those views may be, with few exceptions, you really have to stroll up this walkway to the main viewing area where you can see- relatively speaking- up close.

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Photo: Cross One Off The Bucket List

The obligatory selfie at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

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Photo: The Presidential Rock Band
George, Tom, Ted and Abe

To be remembered for a legacy- especially a positive one- is the desire of most of us, if we think about it. There have been a few who relished their evil so much as to wish a legacy of destruction, but that's mostly reserved for the movies and comic books. These four each gave us something worth preserving in their own times and ours- and for our posterity.

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Photo: The Profile
Mount Rushmore From The Side

After leaving Mount Rushmore on our way to the Crazy Horse Memorial, there is a spot along the highway where you can pull over to view George Washington's head in profile. It's impressive enough that a stop really is warranted, but you're done in about 15 or 10 minutes.

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John B Tefertiller
Cross One Off The Bucket List

The obligatory selfie at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

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