Photo: St. Anton, Austria - February 2008
Photo: What I Saw When I Woke Up
St. Anton, Austria - February 2008.

We arrived at the Hotel Arlberg in St. Anton around 1 a.m. after a bus ride from the Munich airport- and that was after a 14 hour flight from San Francisco. I was exhausted and ill, but I was in Austria!
When I woke up, this is what greeted me through my hotel window, so it was no time at all before I stepped out onto the balcony to take a few shots. No regrets about not calling the doctor before leaving on this trip!

The shadows were extremely noisy and didn't clean up well at all. It looks OK at web resolution, but I don't think I'll be passing around any large prints!
Photo: St. Anton, Austria
February 2008

I spent a week in St. Anton, Austria with a group of skiers. I don't ski, but I was invited by my friend who had booked space for an employee who couldn't go. What would you do with such an offer?

I was sick when we flew out of San Francisco- probably pneumonia, or close to it. But I didn't care if I had to sit wrapped in a blanket all week looking out of the hotel window, I was going to spend a week in the Alps during ski season, d*** it!  Actually, I improved steadily as the week progressed and had a great time and some excellent meals.

I have always been reluctant to publish some of the photos from the "snow" portion of the trip (which included a one day side trip to Innsbruck and two days in Prague), since I could never get a good balance between detail and exposure. But in the intervening years new tools have arrived on the scene that finally allowed me to produce the results here.

Tools used: Photoshop CS6, Adobe Camera Raw 7.1, Topaz Adjust 5 and Topaz Detail 2
Photo: St. Anton, Austria - February 2008
Photo: St. Anton, Austria - February 2008
John B Tefertiller
St. Anton, Austria - February 2008