Photo: Bridge Over Vltava
Photo: Morning In Prague
A nice place to catch some sun!

Out tour group had been on foot since early morning, and we had just passed under the west end of Charles Bridge into an open area. There were few people about, and the late morning sun was reflecting brightly into our eyes.

I used to have a version of this photo posted long, long ago, that was slightly narrower, but the same height. I re-processed this from scratch in #LightroomCC2015  and #PhotoshopCC2015  with a bit of help from #TopazDenoise5  and #NIKsoftware   #SilverEfexPro2 

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Photo: Restaurant - Prague - February 2008
Photo: Winter Morning in Prague - February 2008
Photo: A Bridge Over A Vltava Branch
February 2008

In Prague, the Vltava splits here and there to form islands that, contrary to what appears here, are heavily built out with homes and other buildings. Some of the buildings were once mills, and they still have their water wheels that were used to power machinery inside.

But here, looking south into the winter sun, the overgrowth of trees, grass and shrubs gives an appearance of a country stream from, perhaps, a different time. One would not be surprised to see a horse pulling a wagon across the bridge.

I used #LightroomCC  and #PhotoshopCC  along with a few other adjustment layers and a round trip to #TopazDetail  to arrive at this rendition. There really was a lens flare in the original photo, but I did enhance it a bit in Photoshop.

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John B Tefertiller
Restaurant - Prague - February 2008