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Photo: Doesn't Look Super To Me!
My first serious attempt at shooting the moon.

In a previous post I outlined my attempt at getting the Super Moonrise over the San Francisco East Bay hills. Not so successful. ('So' being defined as 'NOT') I did see the moonrise from my car on the freeway, and honestly, this wasn't going to be anybody's work of art, so I felt less badly that I'd forgotten to take my extra camera batteries, that it was so hazy you could barely make out the distant hills, etc.

A couple of hours later, I stepped out of my apartment to see where the moon was. Right where I thought it would be, but smaller looking than the 'Super Moon' event earlier. Nevertheless, I ran back in and brought out my tripod and set up for a few shots.

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30 'superzoom' (12X) camera. It's pretty good in good light, in spite of its point-and-shoot sensor. Get above ISO 200 though, or take a long exposure, and it falls apart. And the sensor technology is now more than seven years old- ancient, by digital photography standards.

You can see that, while I got the gist of the situation, the details are, shall we say, dicey. I'll have to experiment in the daylight with infinite focus and see what I did wrong. I was able to sharpen some and get this result. Not a fantastic moon photo, but hey, it's my first. The zoom range on my camera is 36mm to 436mm equivalent. I never got around to buying the 2x converter, which would have made this, perhaps, a better shot. At least, I think I could have more accurately focused at 872mm.

So this is it. The Super Moon.

Photo: What's Behind The Blue Door?
For that matter, why is there so much fencing and barbed wire?

Blue doors!

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Planes queued up for takeoff

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