17 Photos - Aug 24, 2011
Photo: What I talk about.Photo: Doesn't Look Super To Me!
My first serious attempt at shooting the moon.

In a previous post I outlined my attempt at getting the Super Moonrise over the San Francisco East Bay hills. Not so successful. ('So' being defined as 'NOT') I did see the moonrise from my car on the freeway, and honestly, this wasn't going to be anybody's work of art, so I felt less badly that I'd forgotten to take my extra camera batteries, that it was so hazy you could barely make out the distant hills, etc.

A couple of hours later, I stepped out of my apartment to see where the moon was. Right where I thought it would be, but smaller looking than the 'Super Moon' event earlier. Nevertheless, I ran back in and brought out my tripod and set up for a few shots.

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30 'superzoom' (12X) camera. It's pretty good in good light, in spite of its point-and-shoot sensor. Get above ISO 200 though, or take a long exposure, and it falls apart. And the sensor technology is now more than seven years old- ancient, by digital photography standards.

You can see that, while I got the gist of the situation, the details are, shall we say, dicey. I'll have to experiment in the daylight with infinite focus and see what I did wrong. I was able to sharpen some and get this result. Not a fantastic moon photo, but hey, it's my first. The zoom range on my camera is 36mm to 436mm equivalent. I never got around to buying the 2x converter, which would have made this, perhaps, a better shot. At least, I think I could have more accurately focused at 872mm.

So this is it. The Super Moon.

#SuperMoonPhoto: What's Behind The Blue Door?
For that matter, why is there so much fencing and barbed wire?

Blue doors!

#UrbanSnap +Urban SnapPhoto: Buuuurrrrrrrp!

FatBooth iPhone app.Photo: Oakland International Airport
Planes queued up for takeoff

For #SunsetSaturday curated by +TJ KellyPhoto: Two Lamp Posts And A Flagpole

This is two lamp posts and a flagpole at the Centerville Amtrack Station in Fremont, California. It's a picturesque little setting that might deserve a bit of photographic love some time. The second one is another lamp post also at the station.

 +Urban Snap is curated by +Sam Breach and +Kristine WardPhoto: Lamp PostPhoto: Aged, Roasted And Carved
Daffy, Donald nor Yacky Doodle was ever this tasty!

I stopped by to do a quick voice-over and was invited to have dinner at Commis in Oakland with the production company owner and his production manager and her husband. We were the same quartet that visited China together in 2009, spent a week in Austria in 2008 . . . and we all used to work together at the same TV station. The whole episode was reminiscent of when I used to arrive for work just as the crew would be leaving for lunch. I have a knack for good timing that way.

The way it worked was, when seated we were asked if there were any food allergies or serious dislikes. Having none, we were informed that each course would be brought to us, and the printed menu of what we had eaten would be presented at the end of the meal. In other words, we were booked for a culinary adventure.

This was the menu:
Pacific beach scallops with apple and parsley, sour cream and patty leaf herb;
Goat's milk and honey, candy cap mushrooms with sunchokes and yarrow;
Poached farm egg yolk with smoked dates, alliums with malt vinegar;
Young abalone in a bouillon of its liver with meyer lemon, sprouting lgumes;
Potato with fermented black garlic and escarole leaves with brown butter;
Duck roasted over charcoal on the bone, cabbage leaves and sugar pumpkin;
Rosemary soda with a concord grape sorbet;
Pistachio cake with poached pear, frozen chicory tea with crème fraiche.
I also ordered coffee to go with the dessert.

This isn't a particularly good food shot, but the dinner was outstanding,  and all the more because I didn't pay for it!

The duck was delicious, by the way.

#food   #Dinner   #DiningPhoto: NOT Out Of Africa
One place created from another.

When I visited Warwick Castle in April 2006, there was a tree that I shot . . . a large oak, I think, that stood more-or-less apart from everything else, surrounded by a field that looked to have been plowed some time in the past. The problem was, I did not capture in the camera what I saw, and no amount of fiddling around with that scene was going to bring out what I wanted.

In my experiments, however, at some point I had created a silhouette - probably with a threshold adjustment layer - and that set me to thinking about what could be done. Rather than trying to keep the whole vertical frame, I cropped the lower third away. The clouds were faint, but part of the original sky to which I added the sunset color overlay. This is the result.

#TravelPhoto: Sunset over the California Coastal Range from the Sutter Buttes - September 2007Photo: Half Dome, Yosemite, in winter - 1981Photo: Created and rendered in Bryce.Photo: Goofing Off
I try out free iPhone apps, but keep only a few.

This photo was taken with the "ToonCamera" iPhone app. The app shows you in real time what the output will be without having to take a photo and filter it after. Oh, and it apparently works on videos too. In case you already have a photo that you think might benefit(?) from beeing tooned, you can do that too.

It's kind of fun, but we'll see if it lasts more than a couple of days on my iPhone.

#iPhone   #ToonCameraPhoto: Not Exactly Strawberry Shortcake
Nevertheless, very tasty!

Two cheesy biscuits covered with sugary strawberries and topped with vanilla yogurt. Delicious!

The cheesy biscuits were made from a Marie Callender's mix that I found at the Dollar Tree store. The package yields five or six drop biscuits- add your own milk and butter. Not a bad deal for a buck, and just the right amount when cooking for one or two people.

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