184 Photos - Sep 1, 2011
Photo: Saturday August 6th 2011 -PRE-SAIL DAY
World Laser Masters Championship, San Francisco
Laser sailors practice on the bay the day before the races begin.Photo: Small white sails weave around under the Golden Gate Bridge.Photo: The sailors check-in at St. Francis Yacht Club.Photo: ... and are given a warm welcome.Photo: The yacht club is surrounded by great views of the bay, harbor, and downtown San Francisco.Photo: The infamous Alcatraz prison in San Francisco Bay.Photo: Sailors from many different countries rig their boats to head out for a practice sail - sails from New Zealand, Great Britain, and Australia can be seen, to name a few.Photo: Some of the (smaller and lighter) sailors are in the radial class which has slightly smaller sail than the standard Laser rig (the colored triangle on the back corner of the sail denotes a radial sail).Photo: One of the many steep San Francisco streets heads up and over the horizon.Photo: The USA 76 America's Cup boat with full carbon rig (the gray boat under the bridge) can be seen chartered in the bay alongside the Lasers.Photo: The seagulls are the other watchful spectators in the bay.Photo: Photo: Jeff has his boat checked and measured by the officials and then we wheel it to the beach area.Photo: Some sailors cycle along the promenade to the storage area with their wet-suits on and center boards under their arms!Photo: After check-in Jeff and I rent a GoCar to cruise around San Francisco for a few hours.  The GPS and recorded information help us enjoy the sites, parks, etc. (They were a little sketchy on some of the steep roads!)Photo: We head past Fisherman's WharfPhoto: Along the coast and past the Presidio to look back at views of the city.Photo: To the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.Photo: Photo: Photo: And beyond to Baker beach on the west side of the bridge.Photo: Sunday August 7th 2011 - DAY 1 OF RACING
Jeff rigs his boat and is ready to go.Photo: An excited Kluge heads down towards the water.Photo: He launches his Laser into the cold choppy waters.
(He removed the red vest as it was constricting -it made him harder to spot in the water though!)Photo: Launching in the bay meant dealing with waves - different than what Jeff is used to on the boat ramp of the Jordanelle Reservoir in Park City.Photo: Photo: ..and sails off, ready to represent the USA in this worldwide sailing event.Photo: The sailors have to battle strong tides, currents, ebbs and floods, as well as waves, fog, and each other!Photo: Some rowers get ready to head out on the water in outriggers.Photo: Jeff (in the middle) leans out to flatten his boat and gain speed.Photo: Italy, USA (Jeff), and Canada all vying for position.Photo: Jeff (left)Photo: Photo: Jeff brings the boat in to shore after the first day of races.Photo: He is smiling - a good sign for a spectating wife - he is safe and happy :)Photo: Every last ounce of energy is used to pull the boats to dry land.Photo: Jeff's mom and Dad arrive in San Francisco and see the first day's sailing. They are are excited and proud to see their son as he comes off the water.Photo: Jeff welcomes Jerry's help to pull his boat across the beach.Photo: and up to the storage area.Photo: A great experience for son and father.Photo: Teamwork.Photo: A little bit of advertising for Jeff's company!Photo: The boat gets a shower first...then the sailors take theirs.Photo: Mom Joyce is keen to help out too - carefully drying and de-rigging the boat.Photo: The rest of the sailors coming to shore - Brazil, USA, Canada, to name a few.Photo: We head back to St. Francis Yacht Club to watch the Laser radial sailors.Photo: Photo: Photo: The guys hike way out of their boats to prevent heeling and keep them flat, which makes them go faster.  It is a tough work out on the sailors abs, quads, hamstrings, calves, etc. and means the sailors get very wet in the oncoming waves.Photo: In the afternoon the fog lifts and blue skies appear.Photo: Joyce, Tom, Jerry, Jeff
Cousin Tom, who has just moved to San Francisco with his fiancee Brittany, comes down to the yacht club to support Jeff and watch the sailing.Photo: Jerry, Joyce, Jeff, LydiaPhoto: Gigantic cargo ships (some nearly 300m or 1000ft long) would come into the bay.  I felt nervous for the small Laser sailors in their 13ft boats who looked like little dots in comparison to the big freighters.Photo: Jeff checking on how his sailing friends are doing.
(Thanks for the sweet jacket uncle Mark and aunt Nancy I love it! -Jeff)Photo: A charter sail boat plows through the race course seemingly oblivious to the race.Photo: The courtyard of the Marina Motel, where we stayed, was so pretty.Photo: Photo: Monday August 8th 2011 - DAY 2 OF SAILING
Jerry helps Jeff launch his boat for another day on the water.Photo: Son and father enjoying this once in a lifetime experience.Photo: The Laser slips off her dolly and into the cools waters.Photo: As Jeff organizes his lines a lone paddle boarder glides past in the distance.Photo: Jeff heads out to the start line.Photo: Photo: Sailors from Italy and Germany get ready to launch.Photo: Jerry and Joyce excited and proud to be out supporting their son in the race.
Quite a temperature difference from the 100s in St. Louis to the cool August weather of San Francisco where long pants, sweaters and jackets are needed!Photo: Good binoculars and keen eyesight are needed to differentiate the sailors across the bay and in the mist.  We send out good thoughts to Jeff and hope he is sailing well and enjoying himself.Photo: Jerry, Joyce and I take a stroll along the beach and saw numerous dog walkers some with 7 or more dogs! We loved the sight of these golden colored dogs looking out across the water.Photo: The Presidio and surrounding buildings were attractive.Photo: Day 2 of sailing is complete for the Apprentice Division of the Laser Competition (ages 35 to 45 - at 35 Jeff was one of the youngest in the race) and they all bring their boats off the water.Photo: Photo: Photo: Jeff back in from Day 2 sailing and his mom and dad help pack away his boat.Photo: Hang on...how come Jerry, Joyce and Jay are putting Jeff's covers on his boat while he watches on :)Photo: Jay Miles and Jeff Kluge, two Park City sailors representing the USA in the World Laser Masters Championship, are all smiles after a day on the water.Photo: Now off for a hot shower!Photo: Photo: Photo: Now time to watch some of the competitors in the radial fleet again.  We met the guy on the right, Scott from new Zealand, who is defending his title as last years winner in his division.  We root for him to win again.Photo: The sailors have to be fit and flexible to constantly hike out on their boat and get the Laser to be as fast as possible.Photo: Sailors from Great Britain and the USA are closely chasing Scott in the New Zealand boat.Photo: But there is no-one between him and the buoys in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and he hikes out and heads on to victory in this race.Photo: Photo: It is amazing to watch all of the sailors tacking left and right and darting and crisscrossing between each other as they head for the buoys.Photo: Hiking out and heading away from Alcatraz in the distance.Photo: Italy, Australia, USA.  Great to see so many countries represented.Photo: Wrapped up warm to watch the boats.Photo: Photo: We spot Jeff's friend Charles Thomas (Chuck) out on the bay battling the waves and cheer him on.Photo: Time to come in and warm up.
Lydia, Jerry, Joyce, Jay, and Jeff.Photo: Evening comes and we head down to Fisherman's Wharf to watch the sun set.Photo: The bridge and boats look pretty silhouetted against the golden sky.Photo: Jerry, Joyce, and Jeff at the end of the pier.Photo: Lydia and JeffPhoto: Photo: Pier 39Photo: and its famous seals.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tuesday August 9th 2011 - DAY 3 OF SAILING
Jeff rigs his sail and is ready to head out and represent the USA again.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jerry. Joyce, Lydia, Jeff
The races are delayed for an hour "for the wind to fill in" (even more than it already is!) and we stroll by the beach.Photo: Now rigged and ready to roll!Photo: Dad and son share a laugh as they take the boat to the water.Photo: Photo: Father and son share the load.
(It was wonderful to capture these special moments)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Friends Jay Miles and Jeff Kluge launch their boats.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I wanted to capture how windy and wavy it was  - the boats were flying through the waves at such speed they seemed to be coming up and surfing across the water.Photo: Brazil, Finland, USA, New Zealand, Mexico...all flying downwind.Photo: Jeff helps Jay straighten out his mast which got bent in the strong winds!Photo: Lydia and Joyce enjoy spending some time at one of the San Francisco parks.Photo: with its pretty gardens, lakes ...Photo: and waterfalls.Photo: Wednesday August 10th 2011 - REST DAY!
We head to Muir Woods with Jeff's mom and dad to admire the beautiful redwood trees.Photo: The majestic redwood trees at Muir Woods.Photo: Lydia, Joyce, Jeff, and Jerry
Muir WoodsPhoto: Later that evening we head to our friend Yaron's restaurant  Local Mission Eatery (which we are excited to be investor's in).Photo: The design and ambiance and very cool.Photo: Images of Mission Street are printed on the walls.Photo: A cook book library for patrons to borrow.Photo: Yaron in the kitchen.Photo: The eye-catching and outstanding food.Photo: Photo: Jerry, Joyce, Lydia, Jeff, Yaron, Jay, and Susan.Photo: Thursday August 11th 2011 - DAY 4 OF SAILING
After a rest day it is back to the water for another three days of sailing.Photo: Jeff checks his boatPhoto: and heads out.Photo: Photo: A few hours of racing later Jeff comes back to shore.Photo: Exhausted!Photo: Aching!Photo: 2 practice days of sailing and 4 days of racing takes it toll on the body.  I'm proud of Jeff's perseverance and determination.Photo: Photo: He quickly recovers and flashes a smile to his ever photographing wife!Photo: The boats line up for a rinse.Photo: Jeff and Jay go and find their friend Chuck to help him de-rig his boat.Photo: Removing the batons and packing away the sail.Photo: Jay Miles, Chuck Thomas, and Jeff Kluge three Park City sailors.Photo: Photo: Photo: Saturday August 13th 2011 - DAY 6 OF SAILING
The final day of the races.  We welcome some blue sky and warmth.Photo: Photo: Jeff's sail is rigged and ready to go.Photo: along with some other USA competitors.Photo: Italy, USA, Great Britain...all ready to go.Photo: Photo: Jay and Jeff ready to go out for the last day of racing and give it their all.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lydia and Jeff
Enjoying the warmth on the beach - great for cheering supporters and determined competitors alike.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Negotiating the waves.Photo: Is Jeff proposing to his boat?Photo: Heading out to the start line and trying to avoid the gargantuan container ships.Photo: Photo: Photo: DONE!  Off the water and into some dry clothes.  Jeff and Jay chill on the beach for a moment.Photo: Jeff Kluge and Jay MilesPhoto: Jeff and LydiaPhoto: Photo: Jay's wife Susan and I.Photo: Ready to head out with Jay, Susan and friends for a celebratory dinner.
The week was a wonderful, challenging, and memorable experience.  Congratulations Jeff Kluge, USA Sailor, I am proud of you! xx