10 Photos - Jun 13, 2015
Photo: The majority of REMnux tools are command-line utilities. The distro includes a cheat sheet and a listing of the installed tools to remind people of the available commands and applications.Photo: REMnux includes the free edition of NetworkMiner, a powerful network forensics tool by Erik Hjelmvik that can carve PCAP files.Photo: The Balbuzard toolkit by Philippe Lagadec, installed on REMnux, is able to automatically decode common obfuscation techniques.Photo: Ragpicker Malware Crawler by Robby Zeitfuchs allows REMnux users download a large number of malware samples.Photo: The REMnux project packages several malware analysis tools as Docker images. One of these is a container running JSDetox, a browser-based JavaScript deobfuscation tool by Sven Taute.Photo: REMnux includes INetSim, which is convenient for emulating the services that malware frequently seeks out.Photo: The pescanner tool allows REMnux users to examine suspicious aspects of Windows executable files. The tool was authored by Michael Ligh and modified by Glenn P. Edwards Jr.Photo: Viper allows REMnux users to maintain a malware sample repository and examine its contents in a convenient manner. The Viper project is led by Claudio Guarnieri.Photo: Bokken provides REMnux users with a powerful mechanism for reverse-engineering malicious code, acting as the graphical front-end to Radare2 and Pyew analysis tools.Photo: PDF Walker is one of several tools installed on REMnux for examining suspicious PDF document files.