18 Photos - Jun 12, 2013
Photo: 16 ft diameter bentwood yurtPhoto: Stable door to the 16ft yurtPhoto: the 16ft yurt has a 1.5m dia crown window and two 800mm dia wall windowsPhoto: All construction timber is steam bent using english ash and oakPhoto: Crown detail of the 16ft yurtPhoto: 16ft yurt interior showing steam bent wall and roof timbersPhoto: the 16ft yurt wall (khana) comes in three sections for ease of handlingPhoto: door detail to 14ft yurtPhoto: A 14ft yurt on extreme weather test in portugalPhoto: Breakfast on the day after final completionPhoto: 14ft yurt interior viewPhoto: stove smoke sunlight and  shadowPhoto: 14ft yurt frontier stovePhoto: 14ft yurt interior viewPhoto: 14ft yurt wall trellis (khana) comes in three sections for ease of handlingPhoto: 14ft yurt has a 1m dia crown window and one 800mm dia wall windowPhoto: These bespoke yurts are ideal glam camping sitesPhoto: Each yurt can be erected by one person without the use of a stepladder