25 Photos - Jan 11, 2013
Photo: Pi Cobbler GPIO TestPhoto: Circuit concept LED Cube 3x3x3Photo: Photo: LED driver IC soldered to DIP adapterPhoto: LED driver IC test circuitPhoto: RPi controlled multiplexing testPhoto: Full 3x3x3 LED Cube on breadboardPhoto: Multiplexing at 10HzPhoto: Multiplexing at 100HzPhoto: Multiplexing at 1000HzPhoto: Multiplexing at ~500kHzPhoto: Solder does not stick to my iron wires?!?Photo: First layer prepared for finishing. LED pins are already soldered together.Photo: Skeleton wires for LED layer grid preparedPhoto: LEDs nicely laid out in wooden grid for solderingPhoto: Oscilloscope hooked to input and output of one layer transistorPhoto: One stable measurement of the LED cube circuit on the oscilloscope.Photo: Oscilloscope measurement with refresh speed of 5kHz. Layer switching events are pretty visible.Yellow: base current, low means transistor is conducting
Green: collector currentPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: