7 Photos - Apr 23, 2015
Photo: Now that I'm feeling a little better, it's time I started on the next dungeon map for the new Into the Darkness range ...and so I thought I'd document the process for those that may be interested :)

However, this really isn't going to be an in-depth tutorial or anything like that - just a selection of WIP images that'll show the order in which I attempt to get things done.

So, here's the first image ...which is just the basic layout of a mausoleum/crypt*

(*drawn in inkscape, exported as an eps file, and loaded into photoshop)Photo: Following on from my last post ...here's a look at the map with a (temporary) floor pattern added (this may get changed into something a little more fancy when I'm done ...or it might stay the same ...I guess I'll see how busy the map gets before deciding).

I've also made a start on the dungeon walls (at the bottom of the image) ...and drawing the rest is probably going to take me a while :S (so I guess it's time to listen to a podcast or an audiobook or something ...just to keep me sane while I'm doing it :) ).Photo: Part 3: Walls finished (at last!), and a stone background added.

Now it's time to move on to some detailing :)Photo: Part 4

Right then, I've added all the major details and immovable objects (steps, plinths, tombs, etc.) - so next I need to start dirtying things up a little, and add some clutter :)Photo: Part 5

I've managed to get the detail work done on the two small central rooms, and as you can see, I'm aiming for a really old and grimy look for this 'dungeon' :)

So, now I just need to do something similar for all the other chambers :S (yep ...this is gonna take a while :D ).Photo: W.I.P. Part 6

Added some clutter to the remaining rooms, now all I need to do is dirty up the floor and I think I'm done (but that can wait until tomorrow :) ).Photo: W.I.P. Part 7

OK then, I think I'm going to call this one done :)