88 Photos - Oct 25, 2008
Photo: Early Otto Eppers Card from Dec.4, 1927Photo: Early Otto Eppers Card from Dec 4, 1927Photo: 1929Photo: 1927Photo: Letter Head created by Otto Eppers for the Chair Warmers Club.Photo: Photo: Scanned from the 1932 Radio Amateurs Call Book.Photo: Photo: Photo: 1936 Erie area Hamfest or “Get-together” sponsored by W8EA Otto Eppers.  Each ham (the Boys) is wearing his call sign on his head.  Notice all the Epper's art work in the background. A good time for all I am sure.... For more on Otto Eppers  see “Gone but not Forgotten and Cards that make us Smile.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Otto Eppers SWL Card from 1936Photo: Photo: Otto Eppers Cuba DX Card from 1939Photo: Lenny's personal card by Otto Eppers. Lenny worked along side Otto at Harrison Radio at Radio Row and knew him personally.Photo: Here is the back side of the original order from Otto to Lenny Mendel dated Dec 1948Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1948 Another Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: 1935 Otto Eppers at his best Uncle Dave's Official CartoonistPhoto: Photo: Photo: 1935Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1969 Another 1954 Otto Eppers Classic CardPhoto: Photo: W2PQGPhoto: Photo: 1947 Otto EppersPhoto: Photo: 1955 Otto Eppers Original after his move East and new call W2EAPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1956 One of the last creations of Otto EppersPhoto: Photo: Photo: 1948 Otto EppersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1937 A Classic from Otto EppersPhoto: Photo: Otto in 1937Photo: Photo: Photo: 1948 Otto Eppers Staff Cartoonist of Harrison Radio Corporation NYCPhoto: 1948 Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1937 Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: 1932Photo: 1939 Another Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: 1932  Otto Eppers at his bestPhoto: 1932Photo: Now that's gotta make you smilePhoto: Photo: Another Otto Eppers classic from 1938Photo: 1935 Otto Eppers card for the “Chair Warmers Club”Photo: Photo: Photo: 1934 Another Otto Eppers ClassicPhoto: 1947 Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: 1932 Another Otto Eppers classicPhoto: 1947 Otto EppersPhoto: 1955 Otto Eppers OriginalPhoto: 1930 Another Otto EppersPhoto: Photo: Photo: