27 Photos - Apr 27, 2014
Photo: Deb and I about to start the Zane Grey 50....errrr, 33....err 23.5!Photo: Robert "Mongo" Andrulis
Mongo drove up from Phoenix to tend to our needs.Photo: Trying to get a pic of the start at 5amPhoto: Looking around on the first climbPhoto: Photo: Some guy running by in the early milesPhoto: RebekkaPhoto: Photo: Some runners climbing up ahead of usPhoto: Aid station #1, 8 milesPhoto: Mud is sticking to our shoes, they weigh a ton!Photo: Photo: Deb powering up a slick muddy trailPhoto: Fog, rain, snow and high windsPhoto: Temp is plummetingPhoto: Hail!Photo: Freaking slick, deep mudPhoto: Slick trail with hailPhoto: Photo: Conditions are worse now, temps in the 20's to low 30's, it's been snowing and we just found out the 50 mile race was cancelled.Photo: The new distance is now 33 miles due to rising water in the canyons and weather conditions going south quicklyPhoto: Ha! Arizona in late April?Photo: Deb up ahead....we're both frozen. My fleece gloves have frozen solid and I can no longer get them on, We are soaked to the skin.Photo: Not fun...just trudging through the mud and snow with a cold headwind. We have everything on and are still getting hypothermic.Photo: Photo: No more photos, my hands are too cold to get the camera out of the case.
We were told at the next aid station that we were not allowed to go on due to dangerous weather conditions. We were stopped for our own safety. A good call.Photo: We had to walk down a muddy road for 2.5 miles to get to a ride out of there...this was taken inside the rescue vehicle.