231 Photos - May 2, 2012
Photo: In the middle of the night, while wondering around fields of Cisternino, we met this morris dancer (an ancient British dance), who is dancing all the way through, from Athens to London (hoping to arrive right before Olympics)! I kid you not.Photo: breakfast in Bari vagabond style - served fresh mozarella di buffalo!Photo: Photo: Puglia's rock hanging buildingsPhoto: Photo: Asta and JuliusPhoto: a photo for parents!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: stairway to heavenPhoto: Photo: Photo: optical illusion - the rock in front is just two-feet highPhoto: Photo: Photo: jolly guests and friendly locals in BariPhoto: chilli pepper bombasPhoto: first craft beer in PugliaPhoto: entering Guttenberg's Galaxy - in a century old print shopPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: in leather artisan's workshopPhoto: The modern and the old meeting in Unesco-heritage town of Alberobello. There are many towns with those beautiful trullis in Puglia, you can also see them scattered around countryside, especially around Itra valleyPhoto: no, not a typical church, it's pizzeriaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: we are met by newspaper storm when we arrive to Meteora mountains in GreecePhoto: MeteoraPhoto: miniature icecream in local shopPhoto: stylish bread shopPhoto: Photo: Photo: cheese and ritsina on top of a hillPhoto: sheep shedPhoto: sheep shed close-upPhoto: a way up to one of dozens hilltop Meteora's monasteriesPhoto: locals in their greek tavernaPhoto: MeteoraPhoto: on the way to the biggest hilltop monastery Methamorphosis, also located closer to the skiesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: picking insence from a rotten trunkPhoto: Photo: Photo: view from Metamorphosis monastery to another one nearbyPhoto: the orthodox churches are beautiful yet very compact as rocks don't provide too much space even on the huge Methamorphosis sitePhoto: Photo: Photo: Methamorphosis' monks' rest placePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Meteora means 'hanging in the sky' and indeed the rocks and monasteries look like those from Myiazaki's 'Flying Castle'Photo: simple, but fresh and abundant Greek startersPhoto: Now in Ioannina, a beautiful and happening student town - night life is very colourful herePhoto: hitch-hiking on the way to Zagorahora mountains and their villagesPhoto: first encounters with nomads of Pindas/Zagora mountainsPhoto: herding dog wants to be friendsPhoto: Photo: Photo: local cows enjoy enviable outdoorsPhoto: mountains at Vikos GorgePhoto: 12 km long, 900 m deep Vikos gorge is among the deepest in the worldPhoto: unexpected gift from the mountain GodsPhoto: around Vikos village, one of many small Zagorohora mountain villagesPhoto: probably Aiste is measuring trail distancesPhoto: Photo: Photo: evening walk and chat with Vikos local herb doctor, mountain expert and shop keeper KostasPhoto: 8 am, we're off to Vikos gorge. The trail is deep down below the mistPhoto: Photo: let's get going nowPhoto: descending into the cloudsPhoto: The gorge collects the waters of a number of small rivers and leads them into the Voidomatis River which rises in the gorgePhoto: It can't be seen from here, but the river is up after weeks of rainingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: the mountains are soaked and give away their water to the VodomatisPhoto: Photo: Photo: rapids are massivePhoto: Photo: Photo: in the junglePhoto: Photo: Photo: Klima spring midwayPhoto: Photo: dangerous rocks - below is steep fall directly into the riverPhoto: now up the rock. the path winds up and down, reaching the river and climbing up the rocks againPhoto: giant dill, maybe?Photo: Photo: after hiking for 5 hours and nearly reaching the end of the gorge, our way is crossed by massive whitewater rapids of the high river... unfortunately we can't cross as the rapids are too powerfull and water too high... we have to turn back and return to where we started.. bummer.Photo: back to where we started... Vikos againPhoto: Photo: locals in emblematic Vikos tavernaPhoto: local cipuro served in miniature bottlesPhoto: home made bakhlava and greek coffe for breakfastPhoto: Vikos church. There are some of the oldest churches preserved in small villages of Zagorohora, which have been difficult to reach and thus protected from Turk OttomansPhoto: roadsides near Vika covered with patronsPhoto: The roadsides host array of small shrine crosses. I thought these were for protection, but somebody was explaining that every such shrine is built in memory of a road casualtyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: church in Papigo Micro, or Small Papigo, built in 1904Photo: Our new friends, Greek teacher couple - Elena and Kostas (behind the photo)Photo: Visiting Vikos gorge from another side, from Monodendri villagePhoto: Photo: Monastery on the rocks of Vikos gorgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The founders of monastery - the white scarf indicates the typical clothes of the period. Many eyes in these frescas and orthodox icons have been poked by Turkish invadersPhoto: Photo: lithurgic wine in the churchPhoto: on the way from the monastery to the old bridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: a narrow, holed path on the verge of rocks leads to the old bridgePhoto: it can be seen the path cut out in the rockPhoto: Photo: the monastery looks at Vikos gorgePhoto: Monodedndri churchPhoto: friendly localsPhoto: Greek talkers, can you please translate the name of exhibition. Looked interestingPhoto: Monodendri (mono - one, dendri - tree)Photo: Photo: Photo: somewhere in Zagora countrysidePhoto: back to Ioannina... an Ali Pasha's mosque in Acropolis on Its KalePhoto: Photo: In Corfu, finally. A rest in Nicos' kitchenPhoto: Photo: siesta time in a pleasent garden of Star HousePhoto: The Star HousePhoto: Photo: The greek oil is fresh, flavoursome and you want to drink it in glasses or have a shower withPhoto: Photo: the place for cooking lessons readyPhoto: Great to find Corfu beer served at Daphne's Lucciola barPhoto: yum! and yes this is a real ale in CAMRA sensePhoto: cooking with Nicos and AnastasiaPhoto: Star House family dinnerPhoto: Corfu town's Cava, our local wine providerPhoto: a knowledgeble shopkeeper of the Cava is puzzled by where to find best olive oil on the islandPhoto: Corfu market producePhoto: The first oilive soap factory in Greece is located in Corfu too. This is the third generation family soapmakerPhoto: Soapmaking factory is located exactly in the same place as it was originally built, it's the same (small) size and it's still operating by manual labour of three workers, including the ownerPhoto: Bars of soap maturing on racksPhoto: Photo: another craft beer made in Greece - just what we need for a pause in shadePhoto: The colours of Mediteranian. The mountains courtesy of Albania.Photo: Nicos' favourite swimming spot, secluded behind Royal parkPhoto: Star House is quite young - just 100 years oldPhoto: Red building hosts washing machine and beer brewing setupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Traveling around Corfu island, wandering small streets of small coastal villagesPhoto: typical mountainside householdPhoto: inside Cafe Olympia, an authentic drug store-come-cafe-come-local-pub placePhoto: excellent Greek coffe!Photo: Serving lots of whiskies, but twice as much different brands of ouzo and cipuroPhoto: we're somewhere close to Agios Georgios nowPhoto: the shop and shopkeeperPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ring bell to enter the galleryPhoto: A Scottish artist couple is now living and painting in this 300 yr old former corfian summer house.Photo: most of the furniture is original from the house, such as this old wooden chest-box, size of which indicates the wealth of broomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Corfu North-West coastPhoto: local olive oil producer, "mamma de molti bambini", greets us with a smilePhoto: corfian oil is made in traditional way, but different from typical - the olives are not picked, but ripened untill they fall down, and then they are collected and the oil pressedPhoto: In Arillas village, we find the Corfu Beer BreweryPhoto: Photo: Photo: The owner of the brewery shows us aroundPhoto: Photo: Claudio, the head brewer is in cheerfull mood and we exchange a lot of beer and non-beer related stories, sharing his beerPhoto: The way to Logas beachPhoto: Dramatic Logas beach rocks. The beach is actually swallowed now by high tidePhoto: LogasPhoto: LogasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Can't draw the eyes away from the coloursPhoto: Photo: Drastis CapePhoto: On top of Drastis CapePhoto: Photo: view from Drastis capePhoto: Photo: "čilinam" after long dayPhoto: The Star House visualisation - roofPhoto: One of several hectagonal rooms in the Star HousePhoto: An interesting Greek photographer - check him outPhoto: I love this wine-overgrown shade shooting away from the Star HousePhoto: Photo: lovely hostsPhoto: Photo: Inside Theotoky wine fermentation housePhoto: Theotoky winemaker shows aroundPhoto: ... in the cellarPhoto: Photo: It's an afternoon and all the work is finished. The winemaker can relax and share many stories and a bottle of wine... or three.Photo: Photo: Views of Theotoky estatePhoto: Theotoky wine cellarPhoto: Photo: Photo: Visiting architect friendPhoto: Kaiser viewpointPhoto: Photo: Another hectagonal room... off to sleep before the flight back