67 Photos - Jun 5, 2014
Photo: Walking to Schloss Leopoldskron, the hills are all very photogenic and movie reminiscentPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: First sight of Schloss Leopoldskron, best known to me for being the lakeside house that was featured in SOM, it has an interesting history in its own right.

It used to be in the Austrian family, holding Rembrandt paintings and more; before being owned by various people including the Mad King of Bavaria (responsible for the castle which inspired the Disney logo). It was sieged by the German government and made a guest house for Reiche artists, alternately purposed as a reception to Hitler’s house further away. It’s now a conference room and you can’t go in.Photo: Except, of course, that I got in. (with permission!)Photo: Photo: Every SOM fan knows this placePhoto: Photo: Photo: This group was singing in the trees, practicing for a performance later in the dayPhoto: This swing looked like something out of Dil Toh Pagal HaiPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This cave, built into a mountain, hosts a pedestrian walk-way. So. Cool.Photo: To market, to market.Photo: Mirabell Gardens: A fun place for kids in its own right, it was made famous by Do Re Mi.Photo: Entrance to the dwarf gnome parkPhoto: Photo: This one reminded me of the husband.Photo: Photo: Schloss Hellbrunn: You’ll be able to admire the gazebo from I Am Sixteen from the outside. If you’re interested in more than just SOM, pay to go in. Built in the 17th century as the archbishop’s summer palace, people used to dine al fresco in the Roman theater on the grounds. The bowl in the middle of the table used to keep their wine cooled. The archbishop set it up so the tables & seats have hidden jets that would soak his poor guests - who weren’t allowed to leave the table until he did.Photo: Photo: Frohnburg route: Where Maria skipped along singing I Have Confidence (you’ll eventually hit the yellow house, now a music academy).Photo: Be warned it's a good 7km round trip, and the only option is to walk/cycle it.Photo: Picturesque park bench of the day.Photo: Photo: Photo: Walking up to Nonnberg AbbeyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Views from the abbeyPhoto: Photo: Salzburg fortressPhoto: Crossing the river over the Mozartsteg footbridge into MozartplatzPhoto: Photo: One of the houses Mozart lived inPhoto: Mozart is everywhere, as are ducks.Photo: Ducks are everywhere!Photo: Residenzplaz: Bernini’s horse fountain made me think of Rome. The old Residenz with the Nazi flag on it in the SOM is the former Imperial palace.Photo: Photo: The oldest restaurant in Europe. How old? Charlemagne ate here. If you’d like to get the full experience, come by for the dinner concert where they play MozartPhoto: Photo: St Peter's ArchabbeyPhoto: Photo: St Peter’s Cemetery: Remember when the family hides from the Nazis towards the end of SOM? The actual scene was shot in Hollywood, but it was inspired by this location where tombstones are rented out!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kapitelplatz Square: Check out the live chess board and the other funky art installations. Just because this is Austria and I’m always aware that it’s Hitler’s birth place, here’s a fact: he used to play chess every day (not here, obviously), and he was always the white piece. He also replaced one bishop with a second queen.Photo: Photo: Photo: Getreidegasse: The main shopping street, where the signage has medieval roots. People in the Middle Ages were largely illiterate so they’d hang icons of their craft rather than the store’s name. This practice is still quaintly retained, in some measure, today.Photo: Photo: Photo: Some modern brands really get into the spirit...Photo: and others don't.Photo: Geburtshaus: Mozart’s birthplacePhoto: Is Salzburg as out of a fairy tale as everyone says it is? Yes.Photo: Photo: Photo: Steingasse: For a long time this was the only road from the North over the Alps into Venice, so it was a major trade route.Photo: #9 - where Silent Night was written.Photo: Across the street a drunk American soldier created that knick in the wall by driving into itPhoto: The names of cities in Austria crack me up. They're like something out of my imagination.