96 Photos - Jul 12, 2011
Photo: Bellbird Corner ca 1930Photo: Newry Creek in flood ca 1930Photo: Glenmaggie Weir under constructionPhoto: Building from Glenmaggie Weir site passing through Bellbird Corner, early 1920s. Image courtesy of the the State of Victoria.Photo: Reflections in floodwater beside Bellbird Corner reserve, ca 1962Photo: Pine Hill reflections, ca 1962Photo: Lucerne crop beside the reserve ca 1962Photo: Willow removalPhoto: Willow removalPhoto: Junction of the Macalister and Newry Creek after willow removalPhoto: The river after willow removalPhoto: Silver wattles regeneratingPhoto: The picnic area after grazing ceasedPhoto: Craig's monument bridgePhoto: Safety fence at the bridgePhoto: The big treePhoto: Removal of the overhanging limbPhoto: Going...Photo: GonePhoto: Reinforcing rods and tie.Photo: Trimming the habitat treePhoto: The old manna gumPhoto: The young manna gumPhoto: Trunk detailPhoto: The river flat before regeneration beganPhoto: The Newry Creek upstream from the bridgePhoto: St Mary's and scouts planting dayPhoto: Weed removalPhoto: Who'd be a thistle with Christine about....Photo: Tony with the DeutscherPhoto: Early days at the picnic groundPhoto: Jack making a clearancePhoto: Action Jack....Photo: Working bee crewPhoto: The workersPhoto: The new mower and spray rigPhoto: The old roller dumped by a floodPhoto: Restored and in position by the front gatePhoto: The rollerPhoto: Photo: Photo: The original bridge over the Newry CreekPhoto: Macalister Valley Lions installing picnic tablePhoto: Picnic table and old bridge pile pointerPhoto: Eliza Amey commemoration dayPhoto: The Amey ClanPhoto: The former Amey homestead.Photo: The coffin treePhoto: Lone Grave talk by Anne Napier at the coffin treePhoto: The new plaquePhoto: Eliza's headstone in placePhoto: Grave railing installedPhoto: The finished grave sitePhoto: Jack, Duncan and Christine.Photo: Eliza Amey's descendants at her grave site, Flo, Kath and BettyPhoto: Materials for the new bridge to replace the first lost in the floodPhoto: The new bridge over the Newry CreekPhoto: The new bridgePhoto: Tony with the steps and bridge completedPhoto: The river in floodPhoto: The adjoining farmland under waterPhoto: Craig's monument bridge and flood waterPhoto: Floodwater entering the reserve from the neighbouring farmlandPhoto: Floodwater going through the bridgePhoto: Floodwater going through the bridgePhoto: The picnic ground with floodwater recedingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Floodwater at Eliza's grave sitePhoto: Newry Creek running a bankerPhoto: After the floodPhoto: Flood rubbishPhoto: At the Maffra endPhoto: The site of the first bridge over the Newry Creek after the November flood lifted it and took it downstreamPhoto: The picnic ground covered with sand, silt, and rubbishPhoto: An illustration of the height of the floodPhoto: Erosion of the river bankPhoto: Bank and tree lossPhoto: The picnic ground back to normalPhoto: The Wombat walking trackPhoto: Sale field naturalists at Bellbird CornerPhoto: The first canoe event, acknowledging the Aboriginal heritagePhoto: Smile....Photo: Maffra boundPhoto: The second canoe event, Jack addressing the participantsPhoto: Safety talkPhoto: The launchPhoto: The latest plantingPhoto: Regenerating melaleuca, wattles, and redgumsPhoto: The first plantationPhoto: St. Mary's school plantationPhoto: Blue box plantationPhoto: At the Newry sidePhoto: The Newry side entrancePhoto: The Newry side of Bellbird Corner reservePhoto: