32 Photos - Jul 1, 2013
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So, as Saturday rolls around again, we're off to Waitrose again. And its another gorgeous day!Photo: When we first got there we wizzed upstairs for a toilet stop! And inevitably to the toy section... As my parents recently stocked us up with a wholesale box of Kinder Eggs, we no longer get Jake a weekly treat during shopping, so I decided to get him a matchbox car instead. Why not? :)Photo: We sat on the bench outside the upstairs floor (Waitrose has loads of benches - love!) and waited for all the toilet stops to be done... which meant an extra cuddle for Poppy and me.Photo: Jake was very happy with his new car! But he wouldn't let me take a photo of it!Photo: We spotted some signs while we were waiting. I do like shopping at Waitrose; it does feel like an ethical store.Photo: Here's another one...  Poppy liked it as she loves birds and animals, and Jake wanted to know what it said.Photo: Going down in the lift, standard procedure for them both the press the buttons. Jake is understanding which letters means what now.Photo: And Poppy's go! She would press every button if we let her! Who knows where we'd end up.Photo: The first thing we see when we get the food bit downstairs.... 25% off Pimms! Hurray for Wimbledon!Photo: And 50% off British strawberries. Waitrose have great fresh fruit and veg, and a lot of is British. I get strawberries every week for general eating/fruit salads, but for Wimbledon week this week I got a second box for strawberries and cream!Photo: I did consider going slightly healthier with creme fraiche (is it healthier?) but went standard with Elmlea!Photo: 25% Love Life dried fruit and nuts. It annoys me that these are quite expensive normally so took this opportunity to get some dried apricots.Photo: I have been wanting to try the Nakd bars for ages. We get Nairn Oat Biscuits in place of other biscuits or cookies. I find it so handy to have non messy ready made snacks available so bit the bullet and got some Berry Delight bars as well.Photo: More Wimbledon offers! Champagne and Robinsons squash! There are so many flavours of this now, Im sure there used to just be orange and blackcurrant.Photo: Did you know that Coke owns Evian in some countries? I only found that researching this shoppertunity... Coca Cola owns a lot of brands!Photo: Coke being one of them of course!! And Waitrose has a huge selection. We don't drink a lot of coke, but there is just something about it!Photo: And you cant go wrong with a BOGOF!Photo: I spotted these teeny tiny cans of coke for 41p! Perfect if you have a coke craving (you get those too, right?) but you dont want to over indulge...Photo: See... teeny tiny!Photo: Matt wanted the glass bottles tho... he is right it does taste different - better - in glass bottles. And Im already planning sweet inspired christmas presents in recycled coke bottles...Photo: Coke also make Powerade, great stuff for sporty folk! Matt drinks this prior to his occasional games of squash, to hydrate and get in the mood! Haha, its just for show I think!Photo: While browsing the drinks aisle, I saw Icoco coconut water on offer. Ive been wanting to try some for ages as its supposed to be super good for you, so I got some. It is expensive tho...Photo: Waitrose have a great range of chilled and shelved fruit juices. Im currently trying a new one each week. I really like the Berry Company ones so far. This week I grabbed a Welch's White Grape and Raspberry! Yum!Photo: And then time to pay and pack! Poppy loves sitting on the counter while I pack. Are you anal about packing? I am - certain things have to go in certain bags!Photo: Jake is still holding on tight to his new car, and still won't let me take a picture of it! haha. We're back in the lift down to the car park.Photo: One of the roads was closed on the way home, so we had to come this way! Not a bad diversion!!Photo: AND I had a yummy Cinammon Swirl to keep me busy! Fresh and delish!Photo: Jake and Poppy had some cocktail sausages too, as a pre-lunch. (still holding the car)Photo: With about 3 sausages in her mouth! So lady like! ;)Photo: And this is Corbiere lighthouse, where we stopped briefly to walk around. Gotta love living in Jersey!Photo: Unpacking the shopping. Here are the yummy treats and snacks I got for some Wimbledon watching this week!Photo: Read more about our family time watching the tennis and getting active out and about on http://www.mummyology.co.uk/2013/07/five-family-family-fitness-tips-with-cbias.html