61 Photos - Aug 8, 2011
Photo: Photo: See what others are saying...Photo: The World for Peace - Peace for All of Us - We deserve it.Photo: We Need Peace in the WorldPhoto: Peace fixes our problems, War doesn't.Photo: Tax the RichPhoto: Only One PlanetPhoto: No Justice, No PeacePhoto: We Should Stop WarPhoto: Live, Love, Learn...Rinse, Repeat!Photo: Only Connect, Expand Your Loving and Peaceful CommunityPhoto: Love Is All The World NeedsPhoto: Anything is PossiblePhoto: Photo: Peace is What I Want Not WarPhoto: Peace is Waking  Up Happy Every Morning and Not Worrying About WarPhoto: Quiet Yourself and you can hear Peace TalkingPhoto: It's Time for PeacePhoto: Practice PeacePhoto: Earth, Air, Fire, Water For All the PeoplePhoto: Cultivate Peace, Harvest Peace, Consume What You Grow. Plant Peace, Grow in Peace.Photo: All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A ChancePhoto: Ending Hunger  might bring peacePhoto: War is Not ProlifePhoto: Love Conquers AllPhoto: We need to effect social change by caring for people. War doesn't make peace!Photo: Think Happy ThoughtsPhoto: Instead of Judgng EMRACE DIFFERENCEPhoto: Overthrow CapitalismPhoto: All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a ChancePhoto: Reclaim Democracy in America - We the People want a Constitutional Convention!Photo: US needs to STOP supporting Israel's Occupation of Palestine!Photo: Let's protect our environment and promote our economy at the same time.Photo: Listen to OthersPhoto: Happy facePhoto: Make the world a better place.Photo: Tout moun se moun, tout pa memn.Photo: Peace - Let It Begin with me!Photo: Let's Leave Afghanistan NowPhoto: Picture PeacePhoto: Photo: Peace Begins at HomePhoto: Stop Funding War  Fund Human NeedsPhoto: Stop! In the Name of Love, Think it OverPhoto: All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace a ChancePhoto: Passports for PeacePhoto: Peace in Oneself, Peace in the WorldPhoto: Hearts in PeacePhoto: Conflict is inevitable...Photo: War $ Home & Build Loving, Caring, Joyful Communities!Photo: Photo: Photo: Learn the Truth. Share the Truth, Act on the TruthPhoto: Waiting to reach school age...Photo: Photo: Photo: Let Go of Enemy Images - We Are All Interconnected. Be PeacePhoto: Photo: Truth is Thicker Than OilPhoto: We All Speak Out!Photo: