25 Photos - Jun 7, 2013
Photo: Not quite so scary from this view, but the door is going to need some work.Photo: Here is YagaToo, the day we brought her home. Front window needs to be resealed, propane tank is missing.Photo: This side view gives a good idea of the magnitude of fiberglass work ahead of us. We have replacements for the large windows on either side.Photo: Missing the spare tire, mount and all. We want to relocate the air conditioner to somewhere a little less obtrusive.Photo: This should have a cover plate over it - that will go on our long list of items to be tracked down and ordered.Photo: The rear bumper. Fortunately, we know how to weld.Photo: The other side of the bumper. We'll replace the whole thing with a better design that includes space to store the black water hose.Photo: Light surface rust on the frame. Since we have glass work to do anyway, our plan is to lift off the shell and clean up the frame while we're at it. We'll weld on the leveling feet at the same time.Photo: A large pile of parts, sitting on the bed. They've since been relocated to the loft in our garage while we think about structural integrity.Photo: Yes, it has a bathroom! Sort of.Photo: The decals are in bad shape and need to be removed before we start any body work.Photo: Small area of decal removed using a lot of elbow grease.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: The hot water heater was left with water in it. And a lizard. Will probably have to be replaced.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: We'll eventually have to make sense of this tangle of wires and pipes.Photo: Inside, before any work. You see the single most important tool sitting on the floor - everything goes faster with the music on.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: Inside, before any work.Photo: We'll likely replace the water lines with PEX when the time comes.Photo: Inside, after removing water heater and tubing and hanging wires out of the way.Photo: Inside, with wires hung up off the floor.