97 Photos - Nov 21, 2012
Photo: rangoli poster.jpgPhoto: rangoli-text.jpgPhoto: Finished .jpgPhoto: Melissa and Jamie starting on coloring the RANGOLI.jpgPhoto: having fun.jpgPhoto: hard at work.jpgPhoto: color chart discussion.jpgPhoto: prepping for the show .jpgPhoto: Murthy starting the cooking process for feeding 71 folks .jpgPhoto: Murthy in CommonHouse Kitchen.jpgPhoto: Setup done  with help from several neighbors.jpgPhoto: Asking folks to get seated.jpgPhoto: Neighbors in line for snacks  freshly made pakoras and bought out samosas .jpgPhoto: arranging snacks in two different places for the large crowd .jpgPhoto: cousins chatting.jpgPhoto: Melissa and me.jpgPhoto: Jamie in her first outfit   makeup all done .- .jpgPhoto: George at his most  colorful  .- .jpgPhoto: Yehudit and the altar.jpgPhoto: Peter and Murthy chatting.jpgPhoto: Bob  Emily Asha.jpgPhoto: Terri and George.jpgPhoto: Torri  Keppy  Terri.jpgPhoto: Picture of a picture.jpgPhoto: Carmelo and Marie.jpgPhoto: Audience   Miraim seen in yello.jpgPhoto: Melissa handing out bindis.jpgPhoto: Jamie handing out bindis.jpgPhoto: Green room practise.jpgPhoto: Audience.jpgPhoto: Guest.jpgPhoto: Tammie visiting from North Carolina .jpgPhoto: Community in action.jpgPhoto: The girls .jpgPhoto: Snack time .jpgPhoto: Pakoras were gone within 5 minutes  I grabbed the last few   .- .jpgPhoto: Terri  George.jpgPhoto: Emily and Sheryl -helpers to make pakoras .jpgPhoto: Audience_1.jpgPhoto: Posing for Sally.jpgPhoto: in the kitchen with pakoras.jpgPhoto: Cousins again .jpgPhoto: Sally.jpgPhoto: Asha and Emily.jpgPhoto: THE MC  Paul Ramstad.jpgPhoto: Community members in Deepavali mode.jpgPhoto: Paul starting the show.jpgPhoto: Community members and guests enthralled.jpgPhoto: Variety show 1.jpgPhoto: Variety show 2.jpgPhoto: Murthy during lamp lighting.jpgPhoto: The centerpiece decoration for deepavali.jpgPhoto: THe MichealJacksons .jpgPhoto: Lief and Keppler.jpgPhoto: Gungam style!.jpgPhoto: Keppy singing  twinkle twinkle .jpgPhoto: yehudit.jpgPhoto: Larry singing.jpgPhoto: Joanne.jpgPhoto: Cousins   again .jpgPhoto: Marian.jpgPhoto: Vareityshow 4.jpgPhoto: Terri singing.jpgPhoto: Terri.jpgPhoto: Terri_1.jpgPhoto: Yehudit playing.jpgPhoto: Improv intro .jpgPhoto: Improv by our residents.jpgPhoto: Cello by Paul - Smooth Criminal.jpgPhoto: Accompanied by  .jpgPhoto: Six singers.jpgPhoto: Larry and Jo singing.jpgPhoto: Hursey and Karate.jpgPhoto: Karate .jpgPhoto: Mel and Aurora singing.jpgPhoto: Marian_1.jpgPhoto: Mango Lassie.jpgPhoto: Mango lassies.jpgPhoto: Mango lassies with Siva Sambo.jpgPhoto: Mango lassies_1.jpgPhoto: Jamie s friend.jpgPhoto: Jelly belly act.jpgPhoto: THe jelly belly act.jpgPhoto: anna and ryan family.jpgPhoto: Gungam syle .jpgPhoto: Gangam style 4.jpgPhoto: dinner 0.jpgPhoto: dinner 1.jpgPhoto: dinner 2.jpgPhoto: dinner 3.jpgPhoto: dinner 4.jpgPhoto: dinner 5.jpgPhoto: Kae s pies.jpgPhoto: ALoo Gobi Chana for 71 people in the big pot   being served up in small batches.jpgPhoto: MC paul.jpgPhoto: rich and george.jpgPhoto: murthy serving dessert  mung dal pudding .jpg