130 Photos - Mar 18, 2007
Photo: I met Ashley and Rachel on the train from Bangkok to Chiang MaiPhoto: they were both English teachers in Korea for the last 2-yearsPhoto: On our way to meet their friend at another guest housePhoto: In the Chiang Mai taxi (aka truck with seats and roof)Photo: The moat around the old cityPhoto: Ashley in a tree outside Spicy Thai (the nice guest house we've been staying at)Photo: Scothish Rachel with a small Scotish warriorPhoto: Windswept AshleyPhoto: Rachel flushing and bubbling after hearing the north english accent (apparently it's her most favorite)Photo: On a truck taxi going down townPhoto: View out the windowPhoto: Out the backPhoto: On our way to Chiang Mai Cookery SchoolPhoto: Traffic on the way, it's a bit smokey due to all the forest firesPhoto: A picture of Thailand's RoyaltyPhoto: The cooking school was in a gated residential districtPhoto: The homes were nice here with landscaping and gardensPhoto: Jumping out of the truck, it fits ten peoplePhoto: There's still 5 more people in therePhoto: Sompon Nabnian, renowned chef and owner of the cookery schoolPhoto: Picking up a few more chillies, he already has 4 in his hand!Photo: Ashley spooning some Tom Yam Goong or Hot & Sour SoupPhoto: Slurping some Tom Yam Goong with soft tofuPhoto: Sompon making a dipping cup out of a tomatoPhoto: Tord Man Plaa (Fish Cakes) with a tomato rose and dipping cupPhoto: My Tord Man Plaa, you may use pumpkin or yam as fish substitutePhoto: Peem holding some Thai (sweet) basilPhoto: Peem is the self-declared 'most beautiful chef'Photo: The Chiang Mai Cookery SchoolPhoto: Ashley, Catherine, and I sitting down to enjoy our Phad Thai and Gaeng Kheo Wan Gai (green curry w/ chicken [tofu and pumpkin for me])Photo: Nam Prik Ong (Northern Style Minced Pork salad [I used mushroom]) and Tab Tim Grob (sugared water chestnuts with coconut milk)Photo: We lost a couple to food comas, casualties were expectedPhoto: Rachel (from Scotland), Ashley (from California) and Catherine (from Canada)Photo: Chiang Mai Cookery School day 2!Photo: Today we make green curry paste using mortar and pestalPhoto: Oah preparing to teach us how to make the green curry paste (she's very cherry)Photo: An overview of all our ingrediants, fresh: coriander root, ginza, lemongrass, kaffir lime peel, shallots, garlic, tumeric, red chillies, sweet basil; dried: coriander seeds, cardamom, black pepper, salt, big red chilliesPhoto: I make the red curry paste with a large smile to make the aromas come out with good flavourPhoto: Photo: Rachel and Alice (from Tazie) pounding our some red chillie pastePhoto: Panaeng Muu (Panaeng Curry with Pork [I used pumpkin])Photo: Photo: Sompon chopping onions very small and very quicklyPhoto: Plaa Nin Laad Prik Bai Horapa (Fried Fish with Chilli and Basil)Photo: Ashley about to chomp some fried fish, it will 'moo' no more :(Photo: Catherine preparing to do the same, she has doubts about Ashley and I's mooing fishPhoto: I eat fish too and mine moos for sure because it did right before I dropped it in hot oilPhoto: Messing around before class startedPhoto: Gaeng Hanglay Gai (Curry with Chicken Chiang Mai style! [I used textured soy protien]) & Phad Prio Wan Phak (sweet and sour vegies)Photo: Oah and Peem peeking outPhoto: Our awesome chefsPhoto: Thank you!Photo: Traffic on the way home, that's all for now.Photo: This was a pretty moth that was hanging out next to us while we played chessPhoto: Turned out it was a very poisonous waspPhoto: A guest house one of my friends was staying atPhoto: up closePhoto: Micheal (in the back) is a chef and cooked a meal for the whole hostelPhoto: The girls chatting while waiting for grubPhoto: A lot of nationalities represented on our way to the local's favorite spotPhoto: Photo: An all you can eat BBQPhoto: Photo: All sorts of meat and 3 kinds of tofu to be cooked by yourself on coalsPhoto: Some vegies stewingPhoto: We had a 10-person texas-hold 'em turnament with 100 baht buy-in, these two Swiss and I were the 3 winnersVideo: The local secret all-you-can-eat BBQ with live entertainment!Photo: Thai people wear yellow on mondays because the Prince was born on a monday and his favorite colour is yellowPhoto: After dinner we went to a muay Thai bout at Thapae stadiumPhoto: The ring was surouded by flags and barsPhoto: Photo: Clinching up in the corner after landing several knees on eachother's torsosPhoto: A entertainment 'joke fight' with four blind-folded guysPhoto: The blind-joke fight about to beginPhoto: On Wednesday we went on a jungle trek which included riding elephantsPhoto: Our guide was Aht and our elephant was MalieVideo: Photo: There were two people per elephant, Ashley and I rode on one togetherPhoto: Ashley and Malie bondingPhoto: Rachel & Catherine on a larger elephantPhoto: Everyone is mounted and ready to goPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heading out on our trekPhoto: It was surprising how carefully elephants travelPhoto: An elephant trunk is a strange thingPhoto: having a hand/trunk shafePhoto: Having a sniff of my feetPhoto: Up on an MaliePhoto: An elephant's version of the bunny earsPhoto: Malie had a funny looking headPhoto: The village we came fromPhoto: Reminds me of my great grandfather's headPhoto: Ashley having a goPhoto: The elephant riders, we'll raid your village and eat ALL your bananasPhoto: The camera man was saving a banana in his pocket for later, bad idea!Photo: A close up of coarse elephant hairPhoto: It is nicePhoto: Our guide, Aht had mad stylePhoto: He stashed his sling-shot on his headPhoto: Photo: Photo: MaliePhoto: MaliePhoto: Eating a bananaPhoto: Ashley about the give her a peckPhoto: Landing a peck on a friendly elephant trunkPhoto: Feeding our mount some bananasPhoto: Giving a friendly elephant a peck on the trunkPhoto: Our elephant bandPhoto: A 5-month old elephant babePhoto: Photo: Hiding behind his mumPhoto: Photo: Rice padiesPhoto: Moa mountain villagePhoto: Thailand has had millions of refugees seek refuge within it's borders from Myanmar, Loas, Cambodia & Viet Nam.Photo: Some craftsPhoto: The government tries very hard to the mountain villages to produce crops other than weed and opium.Photo: Rice paddiesPhoto: Some pigletsPhoto: scrambling for a sucklePhoto: Photo: A local roofer making a ridgecap (12 baht/lineal foot)Photo: A local rooferPhoto: The whole Spicy Thai Hostel riding out to the night bazaar in a truckPhoto: Google is used everywhere! This time for researching dragonfliesPhoto: