35 Photos - Aug 23, 2012
Photo: Where the Fire Started: E&S Currie neckware building, north side of Wellington Street, west of Bay. 

Credit: Canada. Patent and Copyright Office / Library and Archives Canada / C-005476

Archive record:
http://collectionscanada.gc.ca/ourl/res.php?url_ver=Z39.88-2004&url_tim=2012-08-23T08%3A46%3A06Z&url_ctx_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Actx&rft_dat=3258337&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fcollectionscanada.gc.ca%3Apam&lang=engPhoto: View from the Queen’s Hotel (where the Royal York now stands)Photo: Taken from just east of the Queen's Hotel, this view shows damage on the north side of Front Street West.Photo: East of Bay Street, looking south-west. Photog: W. J. Whittingham. "The tall fragment in the centre reads "Comfort Soap." The tower to its right is that of the Union Station of the time, which was far enough west to escape the fire." - City of Toronto Archives.

The vantage point is from the Telegram building at Bay and Melinda (see next photo as well)Photo: Bay St. looking SW.
The extent of the fire damage as seen from an upper storey in the Telegram building, facing south-west. One of the towers of the 2nd Union Station may be seen in the background, right. [This photo is from the same place as the previous photo, only turned slightly eastwards. Note the 'Comfort Soap' fragment at right]Photo: Bay looking S at Melinda.
The ruins of buildings on the west side of Bay Street, just south of Melinda, as pedestrians make their way through the rubble on the street.Photo: Bay St. n of wellington looking south. A fire hose can be seen pumping water at the ruins of one of the buildings as onlookers watch.Photo: East side of Bay Street at Melinda. Ruins of buildings on the east side of Bay Street as seen from a vantage point above street level.Photo: Looking South from the Telegram building (Bay and Melissa). The ruins of buildings as seen from the Telegram building. Bay Street can be seen at right.Photo: Front St W from Yonge. The towers of Union Station can be seen in the distance. Photo Courtesy Toronto Public Library E 1-35b. Repro of E 1-35b: T 13276Photo: Front St. W, looking E from West from BayPhoto: Front at Bay looking East. "The triangular facade of the ruined Phoenix Block can be seen in the centre of this photograph. Note the fallen telegraph and electrical wires, which caused difficulty and danger to the firefighters throughout the fire." - City of Toronto ArchivesPhoto: Front, west at Bay. Numerous onlookers inspecting the wreckage of buildings on Front Street facing west at Bay. Toronto Public Library TEC 145AhPhoto: men viewing the demolition of fire remains at site of future union station f1244_it0014Photo: ne corner bay and front s0376_fl0004_it0057Photo: The heat was intense enough to fuse together this pile of nails.Photo: Toronto Fire ruins, looking north from foot of Bay StreetPhoto: Skeleton buildingsPhoto: Aftermath of the 1904 fire: streetcar tracks and hosesPhoto: Bay Street north of Wellington, looking south. Ruins on Bay Street as seen from an elevated vantage point. Wyld-Darling building on left. (see next photo)Photo: Ruins of the Wyld-Darling building on the south-east corner of Bay and Wellington Streets. (we are looking NE here)
. Wyld-Darling was a Dry Goods WholesalersPhoto: SE corner of Bay and Wellington. note how some demolition has begun (see previous photo)Photo: The Wyld-Darling building before the firePhoto: G. Goulding & Sons building, 55-59 Bay Street - East side, just south of the Wyld-Darling building at  Bay and WellingtonPhoto: Brown Brothers building on Wellington Street West, looking east from west of Bay StreetPhoto: View of a warehouse on the EsplanadePhoto: Esplanade west of Bay. Extensive damage to buildings on the north side of The Esplanade.Photo: Esplanade west of Bay. A group of men and boys inspecting the extensive damage to buildings on the north side of The Esplanade. "This is probably the site of the Eckardt Casket Company. The high ruins with the window openings in the distance are the backs of facades fronting on Front Street." - City of Toronto ArchivesPhoto: Bay Street north of the Esplanade, looking north. The ruins of Bay Street buildings as horse-drawn wagons crowd the street.Photo: Railway lines at the south end of the Toronto fire of 1904. Looking N, west of Bay. Taken April 22, 1904. "The tall smokestack of the Eckardt company (see previous photograph) can be seen at the extreme left. The tall smokestack at the right of the picture belongs to the M. McLaughlin & Co. mill, as does the stone building just in front of it. The two water tanks on the skyline at the centre of the picture mark the Kilgour Brothers factory." - City of Toronto ArchivesPhoto: Close up of ruinsPhoto: Curio seekers in fire ruins. Taken in 1906 -- many ruins remained for years after the firePhoto: Front Street cleanup. This image is available from the Archives of Ontario under the item reference code F 2178-1-0-22, S 5198Photo: Toronto in ruins: Looking W from Yonge along Front (centre, with tracks). Union Station's office tower is visible in the distance.Photo: Note 'Salada', upper right. Aftermath of fire, Front St. W., looking n. from s. side, w. of Yonge St.; custom house at right.