193 Photos - Jan 17, 2012
Photo: Canyon from the South RimPhoto: Canyon from the South Rim 2Photo: Canyon from the South Rim 3Photo: Yours truly driving to the Put-InPhoto: Navajo Bridge over the river near Lee's FerryPhoto: The Canyon in the beginningPhoto: Cairn for BoycePhoto: Loading the gear at Lee's FerryPhoto: Ranger Peggy checking out our gearPhoto: Peggy and Kelly going through all the gear.Photo: PFDs, Paddles, Spare Gear, First Aid, Groovers, and more for inspectionPhoto: Signing off with Ranger PeggyPhoto: We got the thumbs upPhoto: The team just about to put onPhoto: Boyce's cairn from the riverPhoto: GBH following us down the riverPhoto: Paddling under Navajo BridgePhoto: Canyon walls start to rise immediatelyPhoto: Tanner Wash eddie was coolPhoto: Tanner wash tucked into the side of the canyon wallPhoto: Quiet eddie with friends, Tanner WashPhoto: Camp 1 with my ridePhoto: John Grace filming House RockPhoto: Woody sliding through House RockPhoto: The Team exiting House RockPhoto: Steve Jordan through House RockPhoto: Brook paddled the Colorado after only 11 days on whitewater! Stud!Photo: CJ feeling the lovePhoto: Steve psyched having made it through the first "big one"Photo: Mike and Rob working out the new fire panPhoto: Nate got the award for most elaborate kitchenPhoto: Boyce tarp ala MikePhoto: My new shoesPhoto: Day 2 now I just have to load all that crap back in the boatPhoto: crossword puzzle?Photo: Canyon walls risePhoto: Small kayakers disappear against the tall wall.Photo: Warm lunch spot in the sunPhoto: Jerry nice hatPhoto: Woody likes the pee zipPhoto: Walls ever risingPhoto: Marble CanyonPhoto: Red Wall Cavern in sightPhoto: I think we'll fitPhoto: Plenty of parking outside the cavernPhoto: The Left SidePhoto: The Right SidePhoto: Somewhere in the middlePhoto: Nautiloid!Photo: More amazing Canyon wallsPhoto: The moon is getting more fullPhoto: Morning over the rimPhoto: Camp below the wallsPhoto: Jerry's homePhoto: Rob's placePhoto: Packing upPhoto: Yes more red wallsPhoto: Big Horn's on the cliffsPhoto: The view from the Little Nankoweep trailPhoto: Team Lil' NankoweepPhoto: What a viewPhoto: Bright sun over the hikePhoto: Those rocks are sharp!Photo: One of Little Nankoweeps three slightly sketchy climb spotsPhoto: OasisPhoto: Big Red Wall number 107Photo: Camp 3Photo: Our leaderPhoto: BreakfastPhoto: Packing upPhoto: Morning bath in the sunPhoto: Groover timePhoto: "the canyon is soooo 3 dimensional"... hmmmmPhoto: Yeah CJ!Photo: Kelly's placePhoto: The really sketchy hike on Basalt.Photo: View from the "first crux" of Basalt hike.Photo: When retreating from a sketchy hike you have time to take artsy photos.Photo: Artsy scared of hike photo 2Photo: Artsy scared of hike and mountain lion photoPhoto: The moon is getting more fullPhoto: Here comes the sunPhoto: Paddling as a team is a great thing but...Photo: Big rock by the riverPhoto: Photo: Did someone say Beer?Photo: MirrorPhoto: Snack timePhoto: Mule train coming into Phantom RanchPhoto: Phantom Ranch cabinPhoto: The Mules of Phantom RanchPhoto: Jerry's got cookiesPhoto: We sent post cardsPhoto: CJ got stickers?Photo: Bryan loving the XPPhoto: Grace entering HornPhoto: Mike in HornPhoto: Another GBHPhoto: Campfire feels goodPhoto: Camp amongst the rocksPhoto: Morning circlePhoto: Park Service practicing for an emergency. We thought they wanted to give us more beer.Photo: SunsetPhoto: Granite was pretty bigPhoto: Woody in GranitePhoto: GranitePhoto: Awesome marbled wallsPhoto: Grace getting swallowed in CrystalPhoto: Ted coming out the back side of the wave in a 200lb boat.Photo: The Canyon walls drop a little for a momentPhoto: An older version of self support paddling through the CanyonPhoto: Woody trying to remember how to text old school stylePhoto: Make sure to pull the boats up high in case the water comes upPhoto: Shadows, light, and a puffy cloudPhoto: Playing with long exposuresPhoto: Faces of the teamPhoto: Grand Canyon 2012Photo: Thank you BoycePhoto: Elves ChasmPhoto: Big Rock number 382Photo: Lunch on the rocksPhoto: Kasi and Brook having a good lunchPhoto: Bruno not so sure about those guysPhoto: View from the cockpitPhoto: Scouting SpectorPhoto: Brook and Mike in SpectorPhoto: Woody Grooving in SpectorPhoto: SpectorPhoto: Kelly, skeg down, through SpectorPhoto: Driftwood fire tonight!Photo: Pile o' rocks campPhoto: BeautifulPhoto: Towing boats down on big hike dayPhoto: Thanks boys for towing the boatsPhoto: Hike up Tapeats CreekPhoto: Tapeats CreekPhoto: Lunch near the confluence with Thunder RiverPhoto: Thunder river tumbling out of the wallPhoto: The trails don't mess around with gaining altitudePhoto: Thunder river doesn't look so big anymorePhoto: Almost to the topPhoto: Brook at the topPhoto: Surprise ValleyPhoto: Dropping into Deer CreekPhoto: Huge Red Wall number 597Photo: Did you say there are Mountain Lions around here?Photo: Deer CreekPhoto: Whoa cool rocksPhoto: View from the top of Deer Creek FallsPhoto: Realizing we have to paddle 8 miles in the 45 minutes of light we have left.Photo: CampfirePhoto: Full MoonPhoto: Awesome camp amongst the big wallsPhoto: Steve eating while Bruno packsPhoto: Ted packing it upPhoto: MatkatamibaPhoto: Yes more cool rocks and some slightly sketchy climbingPhoto: CoolPhoto: Really CoolPhoto: Whoa. Oh good there is a trail aroundPhoto: Drysuits full of air are always funnyPhoto: Climbing by kayakers is always funnyPhoto: This is the moment we realized that someones boat was missingPhoto: Lots of Canyon to goPhoto: Warm lunch and dry out of gear that ran some rapids without usPhoto: Havasu CreekPhoto: Its a colorful placePhoto: Mock n' awePhoto: Paddling out in to the big riverPhoto: View from the cockpitPhoto: We met up with the nicest group of paddlers... they gave us beer.Photo: Rob is psychedPhoto: Remix XPs lined up for beerPhoto: Woody feeling suavePhoto: CJ likes beerPhoto: Light and Shadows alwaysPhoto: Mike ain't scared of no Mountain LionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: