76 Photos - Feb 18, 2013
Photo: 24 ft Highway information sign in BC- 2012Photo: Sun Peaks Ski Resort- British Columbia 2013Photo: Downtown Montréal
Geografix communications Inc
1999Photo: Montréal (Detail-view)Photo: Overview of Montreal within North America (2006)Photo: Northern Arizona 2011Photo: Arizona (detail view)Photo: Great Lakes 2005Photo: Great Lakes Geopictorial Map 2005
St-Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.Photo: The Great Lakes (detail view)Photo: Great Lakes and St-Lawrence System
for Geografix communications Inc.Photo: RTA-Dubai-2012Photo: Dubai (detail view)Photo: Grand Canyon Village-2014Photo: Promo for Biography map of Richard NixonPhoto: 2010-Biographical Map of Richard NixonPhoto: Nixon Legacy Map (detail view)Photo: Photo: 2013 Biographical map of Ronald ReaganPhoto: Reagan (detail view)Photo: Campus map for Colby College, Maine
For Mapformation LLC 2012Photo: Icefields Parkway, Alberta- 2014
For The Crossings ResortPhoto: The Crossing Lodge and Resort , Alberta- 2014Photo: Photo: Photo: Mausolée Lépine-CloutierPhoto: I call this one. 'What happens when you have sister-in-Law that's on her church's centennary committee and knows she has a brother-in-law who draws cool maps.'Photo: Seattle- 2011
for Cooper 3D mapsPhoto: Downtown Seattle (detail view)Photo: 2011 Section of San Diego map for MapformationPhoto: Navajo lands in Arizona- 2012Photo: Cree Village in Northern QuebecPhoto: 2006- Mecca
for Geografix Communications Inc.Photo: Mecca (detail view)Photo: Ilustrations of The Hajj
(steps of the Mecca Pilgrimage)Photo: Map of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
fo Okanagan Map Guides 2004.Photo: Okanagan Valley (detail view)Photo: Wine & Golf map
2007-Okanagan Map GuidesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Delta, British Columbia 2014Photo: Close up of Delta BCPhoto: 2008 Whatcom County WA. Farm map
for Cooper 3D MapsPhoto: Whatcom County Farm Map (detail view)Photo: 2005- Le Québec Ferroviaire
for Geografix inc.Photo: Zoo Map for BC Wildlife Park 2009Photo: BC Wildlive Park (detail view)Photo: Granby Zoo, Granby, QC (detail view)Photo: 2011 Sedona AZ, 
for Cooper 3D MapsPhoto: Bellingham Technical College 
Campus Map 2008Photo: Thompson River University Campus Map
For Mapformation LLCPhoto: Photo: Castlegar, British Columbia 2011
for City of CastlegarPhoto: Township of Brossard 2007
for Geografix.Photo: 2009 City of Dorval
for Illustra-Map EnrPhoto: 2010-Neighbourhood Map
Beaconsfield, Quebec
For Illustra-Map Enr.Photo: Bayview Cmetery, Bellingham WA-2009Photo: Pfizer- Canadian HQ, Montreal 1998Photo: Funeral and Cemetery complex in Québec City-2009Photo: 2007- Maison Funéraire Lépine CloutierPhoto: Cemetery Map
Maison Funéraires Yves LégaréPhoto: Plateau Mont-Royal 2006
for Caisse Populaire DesjardinsPhoto: Old City Character Prints from the early years:
Geneva switz-1981
Birmingham, UK-1984
Singapore- 1991
Anchorage, Alaska-2001Photo: MAUI, Hawaii
2010-for Mapformation LLCPhoto: 2009- Map for Kelowna's bid
on Canada GamesPhoto: Campus Map 2013Photo: Display of energy  equipment for MSM ElectricPhoto: Pépinière Auclair (nursery)
2007 for GeografixPhoto: Pépinière Jasmin Nursery
2006Photo: Vernon Map 2011
for Mountain MediaPhoto: New edition of Vernon, BC - 2014Photo: Kamloops, BC- 2009
for Mountain Media IncPhoto: New edition of Kamloops 2013Photo: South Okanagan BC (Oliver and Osoyoos) 2013Photo: