6 Photos - Aug 2, 2013
Photo: Day 43 Port Huron
Pat and Jim cooking under the canopy in the rainPhoto: Day 43 Port Huron
Pat  and Jim Cooking spaghetti and bratwurst, and eggs under the canopy, in the rainPhoto: Day 43 Port Huron
Pouring rain in Jelly Stone RV park in Port Huron.
We rent 4 person cabin for the tentersPhoto: Dinner under the canopyPhoto: Look closely, Tom's eyes are closed. He is not really reading......Photo: Campers visiting us in Port Huron
From left to right Ed, Jim, Dave, Robyn Wichers whose husband Andrew is a Army Col. currently deployed in Kandahar Afganistan, Ginger Nesbitt, Florence Jagodzinski (Robyn's mother),  Dale, Pat, Bill Nesbitt a retired USMC Col.  We also had a visitor who goes by Elliot Ness a retired general who donated $20 to us.