14 Photos - Aug 1, 2013
Photo: The road to LakeviewPhoto: The road to LakeviewPhoto: Michigan farmlandPhoto: Golf resort in Lakeview called TullywoodPhoto: Public School #1 in small townPhoto: We are met by Darryl's sister Beverly Johnson and husband Roger, together with their friends Gyl and Mike Hondorp and their son meet us at Dairy Queen.Photo: Kyle, Mike, Dale, Darryl, Tom, Gyl, Dave (behind Gyl), Pat, Jim, Beverly and RogerPhoto: Arriving at our host's Mike and Gyl Hondorp's home.Photo: Relaxing at the home of Gyl and MIke with cheese, ruit and drinksPhoto: Fantastic dinner of steaks, pasta salad, garlic bread provided by our hosts Mike and Gyl.
From left, Roger and Beverly Johnson (Darryl's sister) and Gyl and Mike Hondorp lived in  Lakeview for more than 40 years.

Gyl and Beverly met through common interest in Baton Twirling. They are still involved in the sport.

Bev recently attended Baton Twirling convention at Notre Dame.

Darryl was a state champion baton twirler.Photo: Darryl, Dale, Ed, Pat, Tom, Jim, and DavePhoto: Photo: Mike, Darryl, Dale, Pat, Gyl, Tom, Jim, Dave, Roger, BeverlyPhoto: Mike, Darryl, Dale, Pat, Gyl, Tom, Jim, Dave, Roger, Beverly