27 Photos - Nov 28, 2012
Photo: Their landing page features holiday clothing which was perfect!Photo: My first order of business was definitely finding my daughter something for her "date" with her dad so I clicked over to the Girl's menu.Photo: My daughter will only wear dresses so there was no use looking at anything else.Photo: I long ago learned that sorting by size was my friend.Photo: This black and red number caught my eye immediately.Photo: I chose the solid red dress so that my daughter could wear it again for Valentine's Day too.Photo: A great dress shoe collection which can be hard to find for young girls.Photo: I loved these little black ballet slippers.Photo: I considered getting her a little purse but decided I should probably get her brother something instead.Photo: I always dream about putting my son in a suit because I know he would be so cute.Photo: We rarely do anything over Christmas that requires a suit so I decided to look at more practical options.Photo: Dress shirts are always a great option because they can be very versatile.Photo: I didn't get my suit but did go for a little shirt and tie for my son.Photo: A great surprise at checkout: free stuff!Photo: I love that there are lots of shipping options in case I procrastinated and needed something fast.Photo: I took the survey at the end to share my thoughts on the shopping process.Photo: The dress came very neatly packaged.Photo: I love the sparkles in the skirt.Photo: H's favorite part was the rosette at the waistband.Photo: H immediately wanted to model her new dress.Photo: Of course, we had several poses.Photo: Photo: H loves the new commercial where the lady is modeling from the side.Photo: The true measure of a dress, at least for H, is how well it spins.Photo: H is so excited to go on her daddy/daughter date in her new dress.Photo: I wish her brother had been awake because we would have had a perfect Christmas card photo!Photo: