19 Photos - Feb 22, 2013
Photo: As we entered the store I knew exactly where we needed to go, near the bakery.Photo: We stopped off in the dairy department to pick up some iced coffee to use in my Valentine surprises before looking for the NIVEA lotion.Photo: With the iced coffee in the cart, it was time to check out the lotion aisle at Sam's Club.Photo: This package of Venus razors caught my eye. I thought it would be AWESOME that instead of having a bonus of body wash to have a bonus of lotion!Photo: While looking for the NIVEA I checked out the other brands. One thing I noticed was that the other brands are priced higher but do also include a smaller bottle of lotion with the two large sizes.Photo: The average price of the other brands was around $13.Photo: The Jergens lotion was the closest in price to the NIVEA and also offered a bonus size lotion.Photo: All of the lotion is located on the bottom of the shelves at my Sam's location. The NIVEA was the very first option for the lotions.Photo: The NIVEA Club Size is under $9 and comes with two big bottles of lotion. Such a great price! I was a bit disappointed that the NIVEA pack did not come with a bonus size.Photo: Ooohh! I was SO excited to see this! In the VERY BACK of the display was a Bonus Pack! It was the only one I found. I did not get it because the packaging had been opened and one of the bottles had lotion around the top. I decided to get one of the regular packs instead.Photo: Mads was sleepy and ready to go, she had a long day and was done shopping.Photo: I LOVE using the self check out at Sam's Club! I also love the savings at Sam's!Photo: It was dark and super cold when we left Sam's. We decided to race to the car, once we got there Mads declared she needed to go potty. Awesome. Back into the store we went. lol Shopping with kids is NEVER dull!Photo: Here is the FUN Valentines I gave to a few friends. I included a fun summery nail polish, chocolate, a Cutie Pie pie, a funny Valentine I made, iced coffee and, of course, NIVEA Lotion!Photo: Last week I surprised a few friends with a FUN Valentine's Day treat thanks to NIVEA Touching Moments. Come along with me as I shop at Sam's Club and also reveal what exactly was included in my bags. #NIVEAMomentsPhoto: Summer will be here before we know it! Start moisturizing your skin NOW to be summer ready! I included a small bottle of NIVEA Lotion in each of the treat bags and also a fun summer polish.Photo: My cutie pie friend Natasha opening up her Valentines gift. It was SO hard keeping this under wraps from her but, in the end it was totally worth it! She loved her surprise!Photo: One of her favorite items, besides the NIVEA Lotion, was the card I made with an old pic of NKOTB!  lol Taking it back old school!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.
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