33 Photos - May 8, 2012
Photo: Everyone is starting to arrive....Photo: Huge selection of colorsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Some of the paintings they offerPhoto: Jess doin' her thang....posting pics on InstagramPhoto: Sarah (Money Saving Queen) thanking everyone.  So sweet!Photo: Owner of Pinot's Palette-Cherry St. explaining how things are going to work and telling us how they got started.Photo: Photo: Getting busy on my paintingPhoto: *trying* to blend my colorsPhoto: All done with that part....I think....Photo: Sarah and Florence's blendingsPhoto: Some of the other gals...Photo: Photo: finishing up on the trees, yes...those ARE trees.Photo: Concentrating hard....trying not to mess upPhoto: Photo: Photo: All done with the trees!Photo: Anna Marie, she is SO good!  I need to take lessons from her, she has actually sold BEAUTIFUL paintings.  She is seriously AMAZING!Photo: Photo: My funky trees again.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Break timePhoto: All finished!  HAHA!  It looks like a hot mess!  lolPhoto: Sarah's is SO much better!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: