38 Photos - Apr 4, 2012
Photo: Heading to Walmart to shop for Easter Baskets! I am by MYSELF! WOOHOO!! Do you know how often THAT happens? NEVER! I was SO excited!Photo: I stopped in the garden section first, I have been planning our garden and beds and wanted to see what they had.  The flowers were SO vibrant, I think the rain we had earlier in the day made them very happy.Photo: The picture really does not do these Marigolds justice!  They seriously looked like they were glowing, SO bright!Photo: I have no idea what these are but had to get a pic.  The white was so crisp, just beautiful!  After the stop at the garden center I went back in to try to find the Colgate Easter display.Photo: I found the regular kids toothbrushes and toothpaste.....Photo: DORA!  My youngest LOVES Dora!  We are actually having her birthday party on Saturday and the theme......Dora.Photo: Pink or blue?  It MUST be pink, blue just won't do.Photo: My oldest LOVES SpongeBob!Photo: They even have Dora and SpongeBob Toothpaste!Photo: Then I looked up and saw these things.  They are Toothpaste Dispensers!  How cool is that?!  I decided not to get them though because our bathroom is extremely small and I think one would take up half the wall.  HA!Photo: TONS of choices when it comes to kids toothbrushes.Photo: Now, my search continues to find the actual Colgate Easter display.  I was actually shocked at the selection of Easter products this year.  There just did not seem to be a lot of variety.Photo: These were the only baskets left....a week before Easter.  Should have planned ahead!Photo: There were still a TON of pre-made baskets though.Photo: Photo: EGGS!  I picked up a few extra for an activity I was doing at church.Photo: I also picked up a dye kit, I was going to do Kool-Aid but decided to just get a kit.Photo: Photo: Clippies!  I love including fun treasures in the eggs that have nothing to do with candy.Photo: My hubby LOVES these.....so I picked some up for him.Photo: I think it is great companies are FINALLY starting to offer symbols of what Easter really means and not just chocolate bunnies.Photo: Mmmmm...Reese's......another one of hubbies favs!Photo: Can't have an Easter Basket and not have some Robin Eggs in it!Photo: I thought this was so funny!  We live right by one of the bigger lakes in our state and thought this was very fitting.Photo: I LOVE Dove Chocolate!  I decided to get this cute little fella for myself.Photo: Don't forget the jelly beans!Photo: EW!  Black jelly beans are SO not my fav!  My granny would have LOVED seeing an entire package of nothing but black jelly beans, they were her favorite!Photo: I also needed to pick up a bag of these for a special treat for my class.  I made them into bunnies.Photo: OK!  I think I have everything I need to make the baskets....and then some!  I never did see the Colgate Easter display, bummer.Photo: The girls are going to be SO excited about their new toothbrushes and toothpaste.Photo: Once we got home I sorted through everything and decided on what to include for the girls and what to save for us (mommy and daddy).Photo: I combined what I purchased at Walmart with a few things I already had and made AWESOME baskets!Photo: This is MGs basket......Photo: and Mads basket.Photo: The Easter Bunny decided to include a DVD for each.  The tray in the back was full of eggs we dyed the night before Easter.  The Easter Bunny decided to hide those for the girls to find on Easter morning.Photo: The girls LOVED the new toothbrushes!Photo: After our fun Easter morning at home, we were off to have a fun Easter morning at church.Photo: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  #Cbias  All opinions are my own.