15 Photos - Oct 4, 2013
Photo: Approaching Dingwall, Cape Breton in very calm conditions.Photo: Entrance to the harbour. Only about 1.2 fathoms over the bar at the entrance. In windy condtions this bar breaks across the entrance and boats cannot enter or leave.Photo: Dingwall is surrounded by the Cape Breton Highlands.Photo: The hills are very scenic. The hill left of centre is Sugarloaf Mountain. Quite a pyramid shape makes it a distinctive land mark. Cape North is to the right side of the picture.Photo: Anchored inside the harbour at Dingwall, The first night I tied to the wall in the fishing harbourPhoto: At anchor in DingwallPhoto: The entrance is very narrow with two sets of breakwalls. Entering in the dark is not recommended.Photo: Anchored in Dingwall.Photo: The new museum exhibiting information about the lights and lightkeepers of St. Pauls Island. The light is the old Southwest Light from St. Pauls Island. Other than the museum there is not much else. A few houses but no provisioning, fuel or restaurants in the village itself.Photo: Dingwall has miles and miles of sand beaches and warm waters, in the summer. Hardly any people here taking advantage of the beach.Photo: Photo: Armored entrance to the harbourPhoto: Groins have been built to try and arrest the erosion that is occurring along the bluffs close to the beach.Photo: Photo: The back harbour is very well protected.